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Acorns appear under trees exclusively in Animal Crossing: Wild World during the Acorn Festival. They grow on oak trees, the trees which do not produce fruit. Giving certain amounts to Cornimer will result in him giving you an item of Mushroom Furniture. Acorns, Large Acorns, Round Acorns, and Small Acorns will not rot when they are kept in your pockets, unlike turnips. Tom Nook will pay 400 bells for an acorn. However, Cornimer will not accept Rotten Acorns. It is sensible to sell Rotten Acorns to Tom Nook, as he will take them for 2 bells, like any other acorn. It is also smart to send them in letters to villagers. They will treat it like any other gift.

The different types of acorns are:

  • AcornAcorn
  • Small AcornSmall Acorn
  • Round AcornRound Acorn
  • Large AcornLarge Acorn
  • Rotten AcornRotten Acorn

Acorns Needed For Obtaining Mushroom Furniture

5 Acorns: Mush Stool

10 Acorns: Mush End Table

25 Acorns: Mush Lamp

40 Acorns: Mush Chair

60 Acorns: Mush Closet

100 Acorns: Mush Stand

120 Acorns: Mush Table

140 Acorns: Mush TV

170 Acorns: Mush Bed

200 Acorns: Forest Wall

230 Acorns: Forest Floor

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