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Acorn Festival
Appearance Animal Crossing: Wild World
Occurs First Monday of October until next Sunday
Special character Cornimer
The Acorn Festival starts on the first Monday of October and ends the next week. Cornimer (Some think he is Mayor Tortimer in a acorn mask. See Tortimer for the theory.) uses his powers to spread acorns around your town under non-fruit and non-cedar trees (oak trees). The amount of acorns you get and under which trees vary. To improve your chances of collecting all 230 acorns needed, plant as many oak trees as possible before and during the Acorn Festival. The acorn types are:
  • Small acorn
  • Acorn
  • Round acorn
  • Large acorn
  • Rotten acorn (these don't count towards the acorn total)

After collecting your acorns, pay a visit to Cornimer, who will be standing outside the Town Hall. Hand in your acorns, but don't give him any rotten acorns or the whole batch will be taken without being added to your score. You can trade the acorns in for the Mushroom Series:

  • 5 acorns: Mush Stool
  • 10 acorns: Mush End Table
  • 25 acorns: Mush Lamp
  • 40 acorns: Mush Chair
  • 60 acorns: Mush Dresser
  • 80 acorns: Mush Closet
  • 100 acorns: Mush Stand
  • 120 acorns: Mush Table
  • 140 acorns: Mush TV
  • 170 acorns: Mush Bed
  • 200 acorns: Forest Wall
  • 230 acorns: Forest Floor

Cornimer may sometimes hand out fortunes.

If you talk to Cornimer with rotten and other acorns, he claims them all as his own, so he doesn't add them to your acorn count. If you speak to him with only rotten acorns, he just takes them. If you talk to Cornimer with no acorns of any kind, he will either tell you how many more acorns he needs or tells your fortune which he gives to you in the form of a letter. Sometimes, residents in your town may ask for an acorn.
Note: They will happily take rotten acorns which they give you a pitfall seed in return for, or you could sell your rotten acorns to Tom Nook who will pay only 2 bells apiece.
Remember to clear anything: weeds, flowers and items, from under your oak trees so Cornimer can place an acorn there. The Mushroom furniture set is worth a lot of bells (not during the event), and also earns a lot of Happy Room Academy points. When you have completed the Mushroom set, Cornimer asks you to continue to collect his acorns for him.

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