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An Action Replay is a device used to hack into the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi's system to modify game data or saves. In the case of Animal Crossing: Wild World, a common use was to make every item available in the catalog and cause the player to have maximum Bells. Depending on the usages, the game's code may start to display glitches. Action Replays also can create items (such as seeds) and can damage the DS systems if used in a certain way. It is also often used for the Villager Modifier.

Also, the Action Replay does not work on DSi's due to Nintendo increasing the security on it. The creators of the Action Replay later released the Action Replay DSi allowing people to cheat using a DSi. In Animal Crossing for the GameCube, it is possible to obtain Mario Bros., Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda, but Mario Bros. and Ice Climber are also obtainable through e-reader cards.


Animal Crossing (GCN)

Using an Action Replay on Animal Crossing GameCube, it is possible to obtain certain items (such as the snowman set) or modify the bug/fish log. The player's gender can be changed, as well as the size of the player and their position and height (also referred to as "jumping"), which can be used to get onto the train track, jump into the river and get to the island. By doing so, it may be possible to catch the whale, although doing so will freeze the game. The terrain can be altered and modified. Villager's profiles can be edited, and various other uses are available.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Action Replay device comes with pre-installed codes that give an infinite supply of any item (not including 'not used' items by default), infinite bells, reduce the mortgage by huge amounts, remove weeds and so on. There are also programs, such as AnimalMap, which can create powerful codes to change acres in the town, spawn items on the world map, duplicate buildings and give 'seeds' - buildings that are held in your inventory, which make buildings when dropped. These seeds are originally used by the the game during town production. Jumping is not possible, as Wild World has no Z axis for players and animals.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

City Folk has next to no Action Replay codes, but Datel created a product modifying game saves instead. Game saves can be installed using Action Replay for Wii, but more people use the Homebrew Channel.

The Homebrew channel is a free mod launcher developed by TeamTwiizers for the Wii. Ocarina codes, the alternative for Action Replay codes on the Wii, can be used instead by using a USB loader, which can be installed on the Homebrew Channel. A lot more Ocarina codes are available for City Folk, compared to Action Replay codes. It is, however, not recommended as the use of a USB loader is often considered illegal.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

New Leaf has no Action Replay codes to modify RAM memory, due to the high security of the 3DS possessing AES encyption. Instead, Datel has created another save editor. Players are able to give themselves 99,999 Bells in their pockets, and fill their Bellpoint savings to the maximum (999,999,999 Bells). There is also a pocket modifier. The player can choose which item of furniture to place in the top left slot; which tool or pair of socks to place in the row 1, column 2 slot; which tool, pair of trousers, or shirt to place in the row 1, column 5 slot; which tool or floor to place in the top right slot; or which wall to place in the row 2, column 1 slot. All of the listed slots can also be modified to hold a bag worth 99,000 Bells.

The Datel Powersaves device provides users with a cable connected to a game cartridge reader and a USB port. The game cartridge must be inserted into the reader, and the USB must be connected a computer. Users are required to install a powersaves application in order to modify game saves. The application does not actually modify game saves, instead, to protect Datel's save editing method, they have made the application instead send the game data to their servers, where it will be modified there. The data then gets sent back to the user's computer. The software automatically backs-up the cartridge before applying codes, and backups and restorations can be performed manually.

New Leaf is by far the hardest to hack, due to it's high level of encyption[1]. Hackers in gbatemp have however, discovered a way to insert unsigned code and run it on the 3DS. This method only works on 3DS firmware versions 4.5 or under. Currently nobody has made a homebrew launcher with this code.



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