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あい Ai
Gender Female
Species Human
Voice actor Flag of Japan Yui Horie

Ai (あい) is the main protagonist in Dōbutsu no Mori. She appears to represent the player from the Animal Crossing series. When she moves to Animal Village, she is hired by Tom Nook. Tom Nook quickly puts her to work by asking her to run errands for him. During the course of running Tom Nook's errands, Ai befriends many villagers such as Whitney, Rosie, and Margie. She soon encounters and befriends a young boy named Yu. Ai seemed to be scared of Apollo.


Ai has ruby colored high pigtails and large purple eyes with small black eyelashes. Ai initially wears the Blossom Dress with blue and white striped stockings and red shoes which have a heart-shaped design.



  • In Japanese and Chinese, "Ai" means "Love".
  • When Ai and Yu's names in Japanese are put together, it means "friendship" (友愛).
    • Ai and Yu's names may also be a pun on "You" and "I".
  • At the beginning of the movie, Ai's suitcase was carried by hand. Later, it was seen rolling on wheels.
  • Ai's voice actress is Yui Horie: Who is known for her various voice works in Video Games and Anime, as well as being a popular singer in Japan.

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