エイリアン Alien
Gender Unknown
Species Unknown
Voice actor N/A

The Alien (エイリアン) is a supporting character in the movie Dōbutsu no Mori. He appears in the final act. Upon finding two components for Gulliver's U.F.O., one of the components reveals itself to be Alien, a sentient being. The Alien thanks Ai for her selflessness and reunites with his family.


The alien is very simplistic in design, being nothing more than a black blob with three stubs attached to its bottom. To make up for its simplicity, however, the alien is very malleble, having the ability to shapeshift its body into different forms, including Ai's face.



  • The alien is the only character who is completely original to the film. It cannot be found in the games nor does it have an equivalent like Ai and to the player.
  • The alien is also the only fairly prominent character to lack a voice throughout the film or even a proper title for that matter.