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The Alpine Series (スカンジナビアシリーズ Sukanjinabia Shirīzu?, Scandinavian) is a series of furniture in the Animal Crossing series. It first appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The series consists of wooden furniture with pastel blue cushions or table tops with white and darker shaded vines as a pattern. The matching wallpaper consists of a vine pattern, similar to what can be seen on the furniture. The carpet is a white-and-yellow square rug that partially shows some wood flooring underneath.

The villagers known to own items from this series are Penelope, who owns the alpine low table and the dresser; Bianca, who owns the alpine wall, the dresser and the sofa; Walker, who owns the alpine rug; T-Bone, who owns the alpine shelf; Skye, who owns the alpine rug, the bed, the large table and the dresser; Tammy, who owns the alpine dresser and the large table; Carmen who owns the alpine dresser, the large table, the lamp, the sofa and the kitchen cart; Sprinkle, who owns the alpine wall, the large table, the lamp, and the sofa; Dora, who owns the alpine bed and sofa, Maelle, who owns most of the series and Pate, who owns the alpine bed, low table, shelf, and panel.

Furniture Items

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From HHA Theme(s) Style Size Info Customize
Alpine bed Alpine bed 2,400 600 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 2sq Bed Yes
Alpine chair Alpine chair 2,000 500 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 1sq Chair Yes
Alpine closet Alpine closet 2,380 595 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 1sq Storage Yes
Alpine dresser Alpine dresser 2,200 540 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 2sq Storage Yes
Alpine kitchen cart Alpine kitchen cart 1,960 490 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 1sq N/A Yes
Alpine lamp Alpine lamp 2,000 500 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 1sq Lamp Yes
Alpine low table Alpine low table 2,000 500 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 2sq Table Yes
Alpine panel Alpine panel 1,800 450 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 1sq Wall Yes
Alpine shelf Alpine shelf 2,100 525 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 1sq N/A Yes
Alpine sofa Alpine sofa 2,360 590 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 2sq Chair Yes
Large alpine table Large alpine table 2,400 600 Nooklings Rustic Iconic 4sq Table Yes

Wallpaper and Flooring

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From HHA Theme(s) Style
Alpine wall Alpine wall 1,320 330 Nooklings & Sahara Rustic Modern
Alpine rug Alpine rug 1,400 350 Nooklings & Sahara Rustic Cute

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