Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo 3DS,
Wii U
Release date Flag of America 19 10 November 21, 2014
Flag of Europe November 28, 2014
Flag of Japan December 6, 2014
Flag of South Korea July 23, 2015
Genre N/A
Ratings N/A

amiibo are a set of character figurines that interact with the Wii U Gamepad and the NFC reader in the touch screen of the New Nintendo 3DS. The figurines can send data to select Wii U games, but those games will also send data back to the figurine with that character's new and improved stats.

The New Nintendo 3DS has amiibo compatibility built-in with its NFC reader, but the original Nintendo 3DS does not. Nintendo released an external amiibo reader for the original Nintendo 3DS on September 25, alongside the North American launch of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

In the new New Leaf update, Welcome amiibo, released on November 2nd, 2016, amiibo support for both cards and figurines became available for the title. Additions include a new variety for villagers who have not yet appeared in New Leaf yet, but who have appeared from Animal Forest to Animal Forest e+ and new villagers that are cameos from other Nintendo titles. These villagers will be staying in RVs and can move into the player's town optionally.

Series 1 amiibo cards consists of 100 cards. The first 17 are special characters and the rest are villagers. Series 2 amiibo cards has been announced for release in mid-October for Japan only (so far), the first 17 are special characters and the rest are villagers. It will consist of another 100 cards, although only a handful of the 100 have been announced. It has been confirmed with the European version (on a leaflet with the Special card included in the game), that there will be 4 series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards. Certain amiibo not from the Animal Crossing series can be scanned in to get certain villagers in your town. These amiibo are from the legend of Zelda and the Splatoon series.

Animal Crossing amiibo

Model-based amiibo for Super Smash Bros.

Model-based amiibo for Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival

Card-based amiibo for New Leaf and Happy Home Designer

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Promo cards

Welcome amiibo

Animal Crossing: New Leaf + Sanrio