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Warning: This page contains information that may be recognized as in-game cheats or spoilers.

This is a Guide on Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii. For information about the game, click here.

Trees and Fruit

Main articles: Tree and Fruit
  • An Apple Tree
  • An Orange Tree
  • A Pear Tree
  • A Cherry Tree
  • A Peach Tree
  • A Coconut Palm Tree (Note the Number of Fruits)
  • A Bell Tree

Each Animal Crossing town comes with native fruit trees. Tom Nook will purchase native fruit for 100 Bells each at his store. Fruit that is not native to a town sells for 500 Bells. There are three ways to obtain new fruits. The player can pick up coconuts which wash up on shore from time to time, he or she can visit other towns, or they can send letters to the villagers in their town with fruit attached. Villagers may or may not respond with a letter with a foreign fruit attached. There are six kinds of fruit including apples, oranges, coconuts, pears, peaches, and cherries. Bell trees can be grown with a golden shovel. Coconuts are not a type of native fruit but can be grown in any town for 500 bells. Coconut trees also attract expensive bugs, mainly beetles. Also, growing trees and flowers can boost the town's beauty and restore grass. When the player plant trees, it isn't certain that it will grow. Many things can cause it to die. For instance, being to close to other objects or being stepped on to much can cause it to wilt.


Some trees in your town may contain 100 Bells each, furniture, and bees which appear after a beehive has fallen out of a shaken tree. Items can be obtained by shaking any non-fruit bearing tree once, though some trees do not contain any items, as it happens at random. To escape bees, the player must run to the nearest building for safety or be stung and receive a black eye. There are different ways to escape being stung such as avoiding them by running into any building or catching them using a bug net. Players with Mii Masks will not have a visible black eye. Medicine will remove the effects of bee stings, and until it is applied, villagers will harass the player.

Money Tree

Main article: Money Tree

Once a player has obtained a golden shovel (see below on how to obtain it), it can be used to bury a bag of Bells and a sapling should sprout immediately. This sprout may grow into a money tree which has a chance of producing 3 bags of Bells, each equal to what the player buried with a maximum of 30,000 Bells each. More can be buried, but this would be useless because only 30,000 Bells can be produced, meaning a maximum of 90,000 Bells per tree. For each 1,000 Bells, it gives a 1% chance of the tree producing Bells. In other words, 50,000 Bells will produce a 50% chance of the tree producting Bells at 30,000 Bells each, while 100,000 Bells will produce a 100% chance of Bells appearing on the tree. Money trees, unlike fruit trees, will only produce money the once before becoming a normal, non-fruit bearing tree.

Money Rock

Main article: Money Rock

Every day there will be one rock in the player's town that, once hit with a shovel or axe, will move and release a bag of Bells. The rock will eject a certain amount of bells upon each. The amount of Bells increases with every hit, starting with 100 Bells, then 200, 300, 500, 1,000, 2,000, and finally 4,000 with a total of 8,100 Bells.

Preventing Kickback

Kickback occurs when the player hits a rock, and he or she moves back slightly, pushing themeselves further away from the rock, which will eventually make it impossible to hit the rock again. Hitting a money rock a few times will eventually force the player to have to move closer to hit the rock again, which wastes valuable time and will reduce the chance of producing 2,000 and even 4,000 Bells. For the player to avoid kickback, he or she must dig three holes behind themselves using a shovel and stand in front of the two, like so:

Kickback Prevention Example





























Also, if the player owns a silver shovel (see below on how to obtain it), there is a chance that the amount of Bells will be doubled on one hit. This effect always occurs with the golden shovel. If the player's Feng Shui is high enough, and he or she is using a golden shovel, there is a chance of obtaining 16,100 Bells.


There are three types of tools; regular, silver, and golden. Silver and Golden tools work the same way as their regular counterparts, but make an easier job. However, Silver and Golden Tools need to be earned and are not always easy to obtain. Regular tools can be bought at Tom Nook's Store for 500 bells. If the player does not know how to use his or her tools, Nook can give them instructions.


Main article: Shovel

Shovels are tools used to dig in the ground. They can used to dig up fossils, gyroids, tree stumps, and other things.

Silver Shovel

To obtain a Silver Shovel, the player must visit the City at night. On the rare occasion, the cones to the far right of the city may not be so close together, allowing the player to walk into the lit up tunnel. Once the scene opens, the player will be inside Resetti Surveillance Center with either Don Resetti or Mr. Resetti inside. They will give the player a Silver Shovel to leave. The Silver Shovel is the ideal tool to use for hitting a money rock, as it allows the chance to double some of the money knocked out of the rock. This only happens at random, giving a 10% chance of any of the bags doubling when knocked out of the rock, though this chance is increased by having a higher yellow Feng Shui count (ideally over 73). This means a total, if all Bells are doubled, of 16,200 Bells.

Golden Shovel

To obtain a Golden Shovel, the player must obtain two shovels, bury one, wait 24 hours, then dig it out. The shovel will turn into a Golden Shovel.

Fishing Rods

Main article: Fishing Rod

Fishing rods are tools used to catch fish. It is a useful tool, and it never breaks.

Silver Fishing Rod

The Silver Fishing Rod can be bought from Tom Nook's Store for 500 Bells. It is very rarely in stock, so check back often.

Golden Fishing Rod

To obtain a Golden Fishing Rod, a player must catch one of each fish available in the game. Once they've achieved this, a Golden Fishing Rod will be given to them by Mayor Tortimer. The Golden Fishing Rod makes it easier to catch fish, reducing the likelihood of a fish getting away.


Main article: Net

Nets are used to catch bugs on the water, flying in the air, on trees, or on the ground.

Silver Net

The Silver Net can be bought from Tom Nook's Store for 500 Bells and is very rarely in stock.

Golden Net

To obtain a Golden Net, one of each bug in the game must be caught. Once this has been achieved, a Golden Net will be sent to the player in the mail. The Golden Net makes it easier to catch insects by having a larger catching area; therefore insects can be caught from a further distance.


Main article: Axe

An axe cuts down trees, but breaks after many uses.

Silver Axe

The Silver Axe can be obtained after donating 700,000 Bells total to the Town Fund. A fountain will then be built in front of the bus stop. The player must throw a regular axe in, and, depending on his or her answers to Serena's questions, they may receive a Silver Axe which never breaks.

Golden Axe

The Golden Axe is obtained by the same means of getting the Silver Axe, although it is more rare. It never breaks and cuts trees down quicker than the Silver Axe.


Main article: Slingshot

A slingshot can be used to shoot down balloons and Gulliver.

Silver Slingshot

Silver Slingshots are sold by Tom Nook for 500 Bells and are rarely in stock. A Silver Slingshot shoots two pellets rather than one.

Golden Slingshot

The Golden Slingshot is obtained by knocking down at least 8 balloons, but the player won't get it immediately. It will appear at random afterwards. It is easy to recognize because it is carried by three gold balloons and isn't wrapped in a box. A golden slingshot shoots three pellets, increasing its area of effect, making it easier to shoot down items in the sky.

Watering Can

Watering Cans are used to perk up wilting flowers. Watering a wilting flower one day will cause it to be revived the next.

Silver Watering Can

The player must purchase fifty packs of flower seeds from Tom Nook's store, and he or she will receive a letter in the mail containing the Silver Watering Can. The Silver Watering Can will revive wilted Red Turnips.

Golden Watering Can

To obtain the Golden Watering Can, the player must retain a town in perfect condition for fifteen days straight and they will be rewarded with it. Although it cannot revive Red Turnips like its silver counterpart, it can turn wilted black roses into golden roses which sell for plenty of Bells.

Changing Shoes

Main article: Shoes

The player can change the color of their shoes by talking to Kicks, a skunk character found on the steps of a run-down building in the City. He can change the player's shoes depending on color or style, both of which will cost 500 Bells. Shoes are mainly decorative, but the choice of shoe design does have a contributing factor with how Gracie may rate a player. If his or her shoes don't coordinate with their clothes, she will comment on their shoes and tell them to go have Kicks change them before talking to her again.

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