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Animal Crossing 2

In-game screenshots
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s) Planned:
JapanQ2 2004
Flag of EuropeQ4 2004
Genre(s) Simulation
Mode(s) Single player
System Requirements N/A

Animal Crossing 2 was a planned sequel to Animal Crossing. It was planned to be released on the Nintendo GameCube, the same system as the original. The game was never released. In a screenshot that was released, it is shown that the Wishing Well is replaced with the Bell Shrine, which was featured in the Japanese-only games. Also, Ace and Anicotti are shown having a picnic. This screenshot is the international version, because the symbols around Anicotti are the international laughing symbols. Another screenshot simply shows a female player by their house, with Peaches nearby. It is unknown why this game was canceled, but due to the imminent release of the Nintendo DS, Nintendo likely decided making a game that could take advantage of the new hardware would be more worthwhile than a second console outing. Therefore, Animal Crossing: Wild World would be released instead of this game.

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