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Proposals include, but are not limited to, suggesting the deletion, creation, or merging of wiki pages.

Procedure and rules for all votes:

  • You must have 10 or more mainspace edits before the start of polling.
  • You may either
Support Support:
Oppose Oppose:
Comment Comment: on an issue.
  • All proposals will run for one week unless discussion has not stopped after that time, in which case it may be extended at the discretion of an administrator. At this point, the thread will be locked by a moderator.
  • All proposals require at least 2/3 supporting votes in order to pass.
  • When starting a poll thread, you are entitled to link it around the wiki on message walls of those who may be concerned, and in chat. Abuse of this privilege will result in the proposal being closed.
  • Please be clear in your title what you are actually proposing.
  • Sign all proposals and comments with four tildes.


Add language-specific rules to Style

With support of Emilysara and administrators, this vote was held. And I appreciate that the wiki got the information so far by many editors. When I started Pocket Camp, I was aided by the information on this wiki. Thank you. I contribute it by editing.

I was creating such a user page:


I felt it was necessary information for sharing with editors.

Shortly after creating the page, I received a message:


Yes. It should be the information contained in the Style.

In the future there should be this item in multiple languages, but first of all I think that important Japanese should be added by Animal Crossing.

Our wiki should be better...

I usually use Japanese, I do not use English much. I'm sorry for bad expressions. --FuCampSite (talk) 15:13, September 25, 2018 (UTC)