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Ai's town

Ai's town as seen in the movie. (The x's show where she must plant cedar trees for a "miracle" to occur.)

Animal Village is the main setting for Dōbutsu no Mori and the town that Ai moves to. The town has eight residents, as in Wild World, which the movie is based off. The residents are Margie, Rosie, Whitney, HopperChamp, Cesar, Cyrano, Apollo, and Alfonso.


  • In the English version, the town is called "Animal Town."
  • In English versions of Animal Crossing, the name, "Animal Village," exceeds the character limit, and cannot be used to name a player's town in-game. However, it fits within the character limit in Japanese games.
  • In Villager's debut trailer, for Smash Bros WiiU/3DS the only two villagers that are shown are Rosie and Margie, possibly hinting that it's an alternate version of Animal Village (alternate seeing as Isabelle and updated Nook are also there). Also Margie is sitting down with a book, which she did a lot in the movie.

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