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アポロ Aporo
Apollo NewLeaf Official
"What goes up must come down."
Gender Male
Personality Cranky
Species Eagle
Birthday July 4th
Star sign Cancer
Initial phrase pah
Initial clothes Zipper Shirt
Skill Staying up late
Goal Pilot
Coffee Kilimanjaro,
A little bit of milk,
One spoonful of sugar
Favorite song K.K. Rock
Appearances Animal Forest,
Animal Crossing,
Dōbutsu no Mori e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf,
Dōbutsu no Mori
Regional names Flag of Spain small Apolo
Flag of France small Apollon
Flag of Italy small Apollo
"I'm not bald! I've just got fine feathers, that's all!"
— Picture quote, Animal Crossing: Wild World

Apollo is a cranky eagle villager in the Animal Crossing series. He also appears in Dōbutsu no Mori as a minor character. His name possibly came from Apollo 11, the first spacecraft launched by the United States to land a man on the moon. He is a bald eagle, specifically, the mascot of the United States of America, which ties in with his birthday being July 4 - Independence Day. His name also may come from the Greek God Apollo, who is also rather snobbish and hostile, referencing his cranky personality.


Apollo is a bald eagle with a dark gray body, feathers, and a white head, a typical bald eagle look. This relates to his picture quote. He has a yellow beak and feet with white claws at the end of them. Apollo's wings slowly fade into a white color. His eyes are white semi circles embroidered with a black outline and all-black pupils. His original shirt is a Zipper Shirt which is black with a gray zipper pattern on it.


Below is a brief description of the cranky personality. For more information, click here.

As a cranky villager, Apollo will appear mature compared to other personality types. This will make him appear belittling and insensitive to other villagers, including the player. Despite this, he will learn to confide in the player, considering them his only friend. Sometimes when a female player meets Apollo, he will flirt a little bit. He will enjoy the usual hobbies, but for relaxation and peace rather than competition. He will find it difficult to socialize with peppy and normal villagers, who he will criticize when talking to other villagers. He will get along with lazy and snooty villagers, as well as other cranky villagers, who he will share deeper conversations with. He will, on occasion, annoy a normal villager, usually when being mean about something or someone.


Apollo's house is a modern and elegant mix of furniture that includes items from the modern series, the chess series, and some fossils. His stereo plays Soulful K.K. in all the versions - except New Leaf, where he plays K.K. Rock.
Apollo House

Apollo's house in the Gamecube version

In the Animal Crossing Movie

Warning: Spoilers start here.

Apollo is a minor character in Dōbutsu no Mori with his Animal Crossing name. He appears grumpy like in the games, and slowly warms up to Ai after the incident with Yu and Halberd (Alfonso) knocking over Ai into his flower patch, causing a small rift between them. He forgives her, but only because he did not realize Ai was still nervous around him. In the film, there are rumors that he and Bianca, the white wolf, were once a couple. This is apparent when they are close to each other, giving vacant stares at each other, and never really talking to each other. Also, in the end credits of the movie, a bouqet of blue roses appear in front of Bianca's doorstep and Apollo seems to be the only one in the village with a garden with blue roses.

Spoilers end here.

E-Reader Card Info

Name: Apollo

Star Sign: Cancer

Clothes: Zipper Shirt

Pet Phrase: "Pah"

Profile: He may look scary, and he's a bit mean when you talk to him, but Apollo's not as bad as he seems. He's like a loud-mouthed older brother, but even more annoying. Oh, and don't ever call him a mooch.




The Back of Apollo's E-Reader Card

The Back of Apollo's E-Reader Card.

Apollo's E-Reader Card

Front of Apollo's E-Reader Card



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