始祖鳥 Shiso tori
Scientific name Archaeopteryx lithographica
Period Unknown
Price 1,300 Bells
Appearances Wild World,
City Folk,
New Leaf
Regional names Flag of Germany small Archaeopteryx
Flag of Italy small Archaeopterix

The archaeopteryx is a standalone fossil that can be donated to the museum in Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf.

Donation to the museum

In Wild World

When the player presents the archaeopteryx to Blathers at the museum in Wild World, Blathers will reply with the following dialogue.

"Archaeopteryx had wings and looked almost exactly like a modern bird, eh wot? As such, most scientists believed it was the true avian ancestor. Our most recent studies however, conclude that the lineage is not direct.

In City Folk

When the player shows Blathers the archaeopteryx in City Folk, Blathers will reply with the following dialogue.

"Hoo, what a wondrous find! Such perfect condition! Archaeopteryx's feathers... led many people to believe it was the progenitor of the birds, eh wot? Sadly, further evidence indicates it's likely not a direct relation... The current thinking is that we had other ancestors. Different grand-Blathers for me, wot wot! To be honest, there are almost as many theories as fossils for this beastie. It's quite a riddle!"

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, a plaque by the display offers information about the fossil instead of Blathers.

"The Archaeopteryx is considered a close relative to the ancestors of modern birds. Despite the similarities, its teeth and three-clawed hands contain marked differences. As its bones were hollow to keep its body lighter and allow for flight, fossils rarely survive."

As a Furniture Item

Name HRA Points Feng Shui Size (sq)
Archaeopteryx 300 Brown (x2) 1

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