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Auction House
In the autction house
Auction house exterior
Service Auction
Provides Auctioning Items
Opening hours 24/7, except Toy Day
Appearances CF
Regional names Flag of France small Hôtel des ventes
Flag of Germany small Auktionshaus
Flag of Spain Casa de subastas
Flag of Italy small Casa d'Aste
ACCF Auction House

The Auction House is a building that only appears in Animal Crossing: City Folk. The Auction House can be found in the City, run by the very first and plainest gyroid by the name of Lloid. It is the only building in the City open for business all day and all night, every day except Toy Day. The Auction House mainly acts as a place to sell furniture or other items to friends visiting over Wi-Fi or neighbors. When a friend visits, they can bid in the auction house.

This function does not appear in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This is because Re-Tail, a new store, incorporates some of the features of the Auction House such as the ability to buy and sell items from other players, however villagers can also buy and sell items as well.

Bidding and Selling

Auctions happen over the weekend along with placing periods. Lloid will also tell you this. When an item is put up for auction, the player can choose a starting price and then other players will have to bid above it to win the item. There is a two-day period when Lloid will accept items for display, then there's a display and bidding period. After the auction is over, there is a rest period. Lloid will tell the player what event is currently taking place as soon as the player walks through the door. The Auction House has 9 dark brown display tables where items will be shown. 3 of these tables are bigger than the other 6.

An item sold at the Auction House will be sent to the buyer's mailbox, and the player who sold the item will receive money. However, if an item is not sold, the item will be mailed back to the player by Lloid.

The Auction House can also be used to store furniture for later use, but this does mean the items will be available for other players to buy unless Wi-Fi is turned off. Lloid can also let the player access their closets at home in the town through the "checkroom" to obtain items to sell at an auction.

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