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Months September, October & November
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Harvest Festival

Autumn in Wild World.

Autumn (also known as Fall) starts on the 1st of September, and ends on the 30th of November in the Animal Crossing series. During Autumn, the trees begin to change color to an orange-brown, and the color of the grass becomes duller. In addition, insects and some rarer fish begin to disappear, making it one of the quiet seasons in the series, rivaled only by Winter.


Below is a list of events found in Autumn. It contains what happens in each event, what game the event happens in, and when the event happens.

  • Fishing Tourney (Third Saturday of September, October and November, City Folk)- Chip, the fishing expert, will set up a stall outside Town Hall, challenging the player to catch a certain type of fish or the best type of fish. The winner will receive a trophy.
  • Flea Market (Fourth Sunday of September, October and November, City Folk)- Players and villagers have the opportunity to sell items inside their homes.

  • More events will be added as they happen.*




Trees start to go brown.

The weather in Autumn consists of a mixture of clear, sunny days, and little rain. Snow will begin to fall from the sky towards the end of November, but will not begin to settle until early December, when winter officially starts.

In September, trees will begin to lose their bright green color by turning a dull, musky green. In October, the trees will then turn a bright orange/brown color. Grass follows the same pattern as trees, by turning a dull green color in September, then a pink/orange in October, and even a shade of dull purple/gray as the months progress. Weeds also start to lose their color, and dandelions will cease to exist until next Summer and Spring. The trees will often gradually change color than rather it being an instant process.

Other Information

  • Unlike other trees, coconut palm trees remain green, and will remain green for the rest of the year.
  • The Cedar Tree will also remain green, as it is an evergreen.
  • The Giant Petaltail will start to appear at the right time of day.
  • Starting from October, the trees start to fade brown.

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