The Backyard Theme is a collection of lawn-inspired furniture items that first appeared in Doubutsu no Mori. As of Animal Crossing: New Leaf the theme consists of 15 items, plus matching wallpaper and flooring. Due to a localization error, the items from this theme were attributed to the Mossy Garden Theme in Wild World, however they are listed here as well for ease of use.

Villagers who own parts of this theme include Frita with two picnic tables, Flora with the Mr. and Mrs. Flamingo, Benedict and Patty who many of these items in New Leaf, Mac and Joey who both own the backyard pool, and O'Hare who owns the hammock.

Furniture Items

New Leaf

New Leaf
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color(s) HHA Theme(s) Style Size Info Customize
Backyard Pool Backyard pool NL 990 247 Timmy and Tommy Aqua (x2) None Sporty 4sq Rubber ducky floats around No
Barbecue Barbecue NL 1,760 440 Timmy and Tommy Red (x2) None Sporty 1sq - No
Birdbath Bird bath NL 1,450 362 Timmy and Tommy Green (x2) None Cute 1sq - No
Bird Feeder Bird feeder NL 1,260 315 Timmy and Tommy Brown/White None Cute 1sq - No
Birdhouse Bird house NL 1,620 405 Timmy and Tommy Brown (x2) Rustic Cute 1sq - No
Bug Zapper Bug zapper NL 1,200 300 Timmy and Tommy Blue (x2) None Cute 1sq - No
Garden Gnome Garden gnome NL 3,380 845 Timmy and Tommy
(Spotlight Item)
Orange/Red None Cute 1sq Can place on table Yes
Hammock Hammock NL 1,320 330 Timmy and Tommy Purple (x2) Rustic Cute 2sq Bed Yes
Lawn Chair Lawn chair NL 1,180 295 Timmy and Tommy Aqua/Gray None Cute 1sq Chair Yes
Lawn Mower Lawn mower NL 2,760 690 Timmy and Tommy Red (x2) None Iconic 1sq - No
Mr. Flamingo Mr. flamingo NL 1,530 380 Timmy and Tommy Pink (x2) None Cute 1sq - No
Mrs. Flamingo Mrs. flamingo NL 1,530 382 Timmy and Tommy Pink (x2) None Cute 1sq - No
Picnic Table Picnic table NL 1,390 347 Timmy and Tommy Brown/Red None Cute 4sq - Yes
Sprinkler Sprinkler NL 1,640 410 Timmy and Tommy Yellow (x2) None Sporty 1sq - No
Tiki Torch Tiki torch NL 870 217 Timmy and Tommy Brown/Red Rustic Sporty 1sq Light No

City Folk

City Folk
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color Genres Size
Backyard Pool Backyardpoolcf 1,980 (990) 247 Crazy Redd's Aqua (x2) Trendy/Playful 4sq
Barbeque Barbecuecf 1,760 440 Tom Nook's Red (x2) Trendy/Playful 1sq
Bird Bath Birdbathcf 1,450 362 Tom Nook's Green (x2) Retro/Dignified 1sq
Bird Feeder Birdfeedercf 1,260 315 Tom Nook's White (x2) Retro/Dignified 1sq
Birdhouse Birdhousecf 1,620 405 Tom Nook's Brown (x2) Retro/Dignified 1sq
Bug Zapper Bugzappercf 1,200 300 Tom Nook's Blue (x2) Trendy/Dignified 1sq
Garden Gnome Gardengnomecf 3,380 845 Spotlight item Red/Green Retro/Dignified 1sq
Hammock Hammockcf 1,320 330 Tom Nook's White/Brown Retro/Playful 2sq
Lawn Chair Lawnchaircf 1,180 295 Tom Nook's Aqua/White Retro/Playful 1sq
Lawn Mower Lawnmowercf 5,250 (2,760) 690 Crazy Redd's Red (x2) Trendy/Dignified 1sq
Mr. Flamingo Mr.flamingocf 1,530 382 Tom Nook's Pink (x2) Retro/Dignified 1sq
Mrs. Flamingo Mrs.flamingocf 1,530 382 Tom Nook's Pink (x2) Retro/Dignified 1sq
Picnic Table Picnictablecf 1,390 347 Tom Nook's Yellow (x2) Retro/Playful 4sq
Sprinkler Sprinklercf 1,640 410 Tom Nook's Yellow (x2) Trendy/Dignified 1sq
Tiki Torch Tikitorchcf 870 217 Tom Nook's Red/Brown Retro/Playful 1sq

Wild World

Wild World
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Color Genres Size Info
Backyard Pool Backyardpoolww 1,980 (990) 248 Crazy Redd's - Blue (x2) Modern/Lovely 4 Animated
Barbeque Barbequeww 1,760 440 Tom Nook's B Red (x2) Modern/Lovely 1 -
Bird Bath Birdbathww 1,450 362 Tom Nook's A Green (x2) Old School/Chic 1 -
Bird Feeder Birdfeederww 1,260 315 Tom Nook's C White (x2) Old School/Chic 1 -
Birdhouse Birdhouseww 1,620 405 Tom Nook's B Brown (x2) Old School/Chic 1 -
Bug Zapper Bugzapperww 1,200 300 Tom Nook's A Blue (x2) Modern/Chic 1 -
Garden Gnome Gardengnomeww 3,380 845 Spotlight item - Red/Colorful Old School/Chic 1 Lucky
Hammock Hammockww 1,320 330 Tom Nook's C White/Brown Old School/Lovely 2 Bed
Lawn Chair Lawnchairww 1,180 295 Tom Nook's A Blue/White Old School/Lovely 1 Chair
Lawn Mower Lawnmowerww 5,520 (2,760) 690 Crazy Redd's - Red (x2) Modern/Chic 1 Usable
Mr. Flamingo Mr.flamingoww 1,530 382 Tom Nook's B Pink (x2) Old School/Chic 1 -
Mrs. Flamingo Mrs.flamingoww 1,530 382 Tom Nook's A Pink (x2) Old School/Chic 1 -
Picnic Table Picnictableww 1,390 347 Tom Nook's C Yellow (x2) Old School/Lovely 4 -
Sprinkler Sprinklerww 1,640 410 Tom Nook's C Yellow (x2) Modern/Chic 1 Usable
Tiki Torch Tikitorchww 870 217 Tom Nook's B Red/Brown Old School/Lovely 1 Animated

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Color Size
Backyard Pool Backyardpoolgc 990 248 Crazy Redd's - - 4sq
Bird Bath Birdbathgc 1,450 363 Tom Nook's A Green 1sq
Bird Feeder Birdfeedergc 1,260 315 Tom Nook's C - 1sq
Birdhouse Birdhousegc 1,620 405 Tom Nook's B - 1sq
Bug Zapper Bugzappergc 1,200 300 Tom Nook's A - 1sq
Garden Gnome Gardengnomegc 3,380 845 Lottery - - 1sq
Hammock Hammockgc 1,320 330 Tom Nook's C - 2sq
Lawn Chair Lawnchairgc 1,180 295 Tom Nook's A - 1sq
Lawn Mower Lawnmowergc 2,760 690 Crazy Redd's - Red 1sq
Mr. Flamingo Mr.flamingogc 1,530 383 Tom Nook's B - 1sq
Mrs. Flamingo Mrs.flamingogc 1,530 383 Tom Nook's A - 1sq
Picnic Table Picnictablegc 1,390 348 Tom Nook's C - 4
Sprinkler Sprinklergc 1,640 410 Tom Nook's C Yellow 1
Tiki Torch Tikitorchgc 870 218 Tom Nook's B - 1

Wallpaper & Flooring

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group
Backyard Fence Backyardfencegc 800 200 Tom Nook's -
Backyard Lawn Backyardlawngc 880 220 Tom Nook's -

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