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Balloon Fight is a classic NES game. In Animal Crossing, this game is available to play as an unlockable. On Christmas, Jingle will mail this game.


Picture of gameplay


Balloon Fight is a classic NES game released around the time of the USA's NES release in 1986, while the Arcade version has existed since 1984. The game revolves a character with a helmet holding three red balloons, navigating a course filled with obstacles. This may have to do with villager's move in Super Smash Bros. U/3DS, where he drifts for a short amount of time wearing a helmet similar to the description above. It did not meet expected sales, but still earned a profit.


  • The gameplay is similar to a game made by Williams Electronics called "Joust".
  • The "Balloon Man" is a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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