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Balloon Island
Introduction screen
Platforms Wii U
Release date Wii U
Flag of America 19 10 November 13, 2015
Flag of Europe November 20, 2015
Flag of Japan November 21, 2015
Flag of Australia November 21, 2015
Modes Single player

Balloon Island is a minigame introduced in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Up to 4 players can pop balloons by tapping their amiibo cards on the gamepad sensor to drop a character on the balloons floating about the screen, popping them for points. Whoever rounds up the most points is the victor of this minigame. Winning and playing Balloon Island gives the player exclusive outfits, along with leveling up the player's Amiibo Figurine!


In amiibo Festival, 1 amiibo card per player is required to play. Once the player taps their amiibo card on the gamepad sensor, their character will appear and float in the air tied to a pair of balloons. As the player floats about, the balloons that can be popped for points and the island itself will move along the screen.

The player may either choose to wait until they're perfectly aligned or that their character is in the right position before lifting their amiibo card, as doing so will drop their character onto the balloons.

As the player pops the balloons, they will continuously keep jumping and popping any other balloons that they touch on their way down until they either reaches the moving island or fall into the ocean. If the player falls into the water, they will lose any points they have earned during the current round.

There are a total of 3 rounds, each with their own balloon formations and increased score multipliers.


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