Ac soccer ball

A soccer ball.

In Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e+, Animal Forest+, and Animal Forest, sports balls make occasional appearances around the town. They can be kicked around simply by walking into them, but can't be picked up and are difficult to control. There are three types of sports balls: the soccer ball (which is white with black spots), the basketball (which is orange with black details) and the volleyball (which is blue with a white stripe).
Post Office and ball Animal Forest 64

A ball outside the Post Office in Animal Forest.


Balls will fall into the river, sea or ponds if they roll too close and will float away. If a hole is dug they will get stuck, but the player can hit it with the shovel and it will pop it out. To "create" another ball, simply enter and exit a house, walk around or save and restart the game. When brought to a villager, they will kick it around and chase it.

Sometimes, a villager will ask the player to bring them a ball to play or train with. If the player brings one to them, the villager will reward them.

In Animal Forest e+, the dung beetle is attracted to them, and once donated one can be found in the exhibit rolling either a basketball, volleyball or soccer ball (generated randomly upon entering the room).


Snowballs, the winter equivalent of balls, appear in every Animal Crossing game to date and can be used to create a Snowman. Unlike the three sports balls, snowballs break, and they do so very easily. If they fall off a cliff, hit a tree too hard or receive some other decent impact they will
RUU 0023

A snowball delaying the bus in City Folk

break. This also means that if a snowball falls in a hole, there is no way to free it without shattering it by accident.

When rolled in snowy grass (not dirt or bushes), they gradually expand in size. When large enough they can be controlled more easily, and when the player gets two snowballs of a decent size, they can be rolled together to form a Snowman.

When rolled onto dirt or patches of grass the snowball will turn smaller, making it unstable. Additionally, villagers and dung beetles can push snowballs, which also makes them a threat to the safety of the player's snowballs.