The Basic Bed set is a set a four beds, usually found in the player's attic. The player can get them from Tom Nook's store for 200 Bells each or with a new player. The beds can be used to save, but can also be used as a piece of furniture. The player is also able to switch these beds out in the attic if they stand at the foot of it and click on the bed, and then they can and switch it with another bed from their inventory. They come in four standard colors: red, blue, green, and yellow in City Folk and previous games. In New Leaf, the name of the bed was changed to Common Bed and can be refurbished at Re-Tail for 80 bells.

Name Buy Price Selling Price Refurbish Price Picture
Basic Red Bed 200 50 80
Basic red bed
Basic Blue Bed 200 50 80
Basic blue bed2
Basic Yellow Bed 200 50 80
Basic yellow bed
Basic Green Bed 200 50 80
Basic green bed
Common Purple Bed N/A 50 80
Common Orange Bed N/A 50 80