Beehive (Wild World)

Type Miscellaneous
Durability N/A
Stackable No
Availability Trees
Appearances NL
Regional names Unknown

A beehive is an item that falls out of up to five trees in town each day after the player shakes the trunk or cuts them down. When it falls, a swarm of angry bees will come out from the hive and chase the player until stung, caught by a net, or if the player enters a building. In New Leaf, beehives can be collected and sold.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, they can be picked up after being shook from the trees, whether the player is stung or not, the beehive can be sold for 500 Bells at Re-Tail. In all previous Animal Crossing games, they simply disappear. Beehives (or more specifically honey from the beehive) may also appear as an ingredient for the Harvest Festival. When your gates are opened, no beehives will spawn when you shake a tree.



  • Prior to New Leaf, the beehive could not be obtained in any legitimate manner.