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ホイップ Whip
Gender Personality Species
Female Normal Chicken
Birthday Unknown (Unknown)
Initial phrase cluckling
Initial clothes Comfy Sweater
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+
Regional names Flag of Spain Clueca

"You know, it's times like these that makes me think the whole "Greeting" thing is difficult, cluckling."
— Betty, Animal Crossing
Betty (ホイップ, Whip?) is a normal chicken villager who only appeared in the earlier games in the series. Her catchphrase 'cluckling' is a play on the sound that a chicken makes and is the same as Knox's.


Betty is pale brown chicken with a brown curl over her hair. Her eyes are half lidded, creating a somewhat lazy look. Betty's initial clothing is the Comfy Sweater, the same shirt that Boone wears.

Betty's E card


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.
Betty has a normal personality which means she will act kind and nice towards the player. Like all normal villagers, she will get along well with other villagers, particularly other normal, cranky, lazy, and peppy villagers. She may, however, conflict with snooty and uchi villagers. She will also engage in hobbies like other villagers such as fishing and bug catching. She has an unseen friend called Moppina which peppy villagers are friends with as well. Normal villagers usually wake up at 6:00 AM. Obtaining pictures from normal villagers is easier than obtaining pictures from other villagers.


Betty's house has a kitchen-looking house. She has the ceramic tile and backyard wallpaper. Betty has the fan, pine chairs and table, stove, and refrigerator. She plays K.K. Technopop when she has a stereo. In Animal Forest and Animal Forest +, Betty's house is very Asian styled, there are two Gyroids, the Mega Clankoid and the Mini Metatoid. There is no stereo, therefore no music, but if she obtains one, K.K. Folk or Imperial K.K. is played. The wallpaper is the broken wall and the flooring is the shanty flooring.

HNI 0052

Betty's house in Animal Crossing.


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