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コユキ Koyuki
Bianca NewLeaf Official
"There is such a thing as love at first sight."
Gender Female
Personality Peppy
Species Tiger
Birthday December 13th
Star sign Sagittarius
Initial phrase glimmer
Initial clothes Red Down Vest
Skill Vaulting
Goal Figure Skater
Coffee Kilimanjaro,
No milk,
No sugar
Favorite song K.K. House
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Noémie

Flag of Italy small Grattina

Bianca (コユキ, Koyuki) is a peppy tiger villager that first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Her English name means "white", and her Japanese name refers to powdered snow which matches her appearance. She is not to be confused with Whitney, whose Japanese name is Bianca.


Bianca is a tiger villager with blue eyes, both with three eyelashes each. She also has small, slanted black eyebrows. The inside of her ears are pink. She has four black dots around her snout for her whiskers. Although Bianca is officially a tiger, she has spot patterns that resemble a snow leopard, and her nose is in the shape of an oval. Her initial shirt is a Red Down Vest.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

As a peppy villager, Bianca will always appear to be in a good mood. She will get along with other villagers including the player, making it easy to befriend her and gain her picture. She will enjoy the usual hobbies, and may ask the player for bugs or fish that she finds cute. She will easily get upset, but due to a short attention span she will forget ever having the conversation. Like all peppy villagers, she dreams of becoming famous in the future. She will get along well with normal, lazy, jock and other peppy villagers, but may annoy snooty and cranky villagers with her upbeat personality.


Bianca's house uses the cowhide rug flooring paired with the alpine wall, and she also has an alpine dresser and sofa, along with black tulips, a CD shelf, and a space heater. The rest of her house resembles a kitchen, with a water cooler, a blender, rice cooker, and a kitchen island. She has K.K. House playing on her retro stereo.


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