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Bug medal
"I caught a birdwing butterfly! A green light in midair!" —Wild World
"I caught a birdwing butterfly! Tweet tweet, flap flap?" —City Folk
"I caught a birdwing butterfly! Wow! It's about the size of a bird!" —New Leaf
Japanese Quotes

「アレクサンドラアゲハを捕まえた! Oh! アレクサンドラァ~!!」 —Animal Forest e+

"I caught an Alexandra Birdwing! Oh! Alexandraa~!" (translation)
Birdwing Butterfly
アレクサンドラアゲハ Arekusandora-ageha
Scientific name Ornithoptera alexandrae
Family Papilionidae - Butterflies
Time of year June to September (AFe+, WW, CF)
March to September (NL)
Time of day 8 am to 5 pm
Location Flying on the Island (AFe+)
Near flowers (WW, CF)
Size 260 mm
Rarity Scarce (★★★★) (AFe+, WW, CF),
Uncommon (★★★) (NL)
Sale price 3,000 Bells (WW)
4,000 Bells (CF, NL)
Appearances Dōbutsu no Mori e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Ornithoptère
Flag of Germany small Vogelflügler
Flag of Italy small Farfalla cobra

The Birdwing Butterfly (アレクサンドラアゲハ, Arekusandora-ageha?), is the rarest butterfly in the Animal Crossing series, reference to its immense size and rarity in real life. It can be found during the Summer, between the months of June and September, between 8am to 5pm.

It can be found flying near flowers in Animal Crossing: Wild World but in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf tends to appear anywhere. In Dōbutsu no Mori e+ it appears solely on the Island behind Oak TreeS similar to the Purple Butterfly, requiring the player to bring fruit or saplings from their town to plant there. In that game it will appear high above the trees when the player first enters the acre but unlike the purple butterfly it does not descend and will permanently circle out of reach. When agitated by throwing the net or running nearby, it will finally descend and flee.

Donating to the Museum

As with all bugs in the Animal Crossing series, the birdwing butterfly can be donated to the Museum followed by a short monologue by Blathers, the curator.

In Animal Forest e+

Crab Coconut Crab Hermit Crab Birdwing Butterfly

AFe+ museum. A Birdwing is visible on the coconut tree trunk.

On donation it flies at the bottom left of the museum around the Coconut Palm where the crabs reside.

In Wild World

Blathers will say:

"Though I know this is a type of tiger butterfly, its size is simply monstrous! Are you trying to terrify me with this behemoth? No, you wouldn't do that. Rather shabby of me to suggest you would... Please accept my apologies!"

It can be found on or flying around the row of flowers on the right of the first room, with the other butterflies.

In City Folk

Blathers will say:

"Hoo my, what a butterfly... I now see why it's touted as the world's largest butterfly, eh wot? I'd heard the wings of this particular butterfly can extend over a foot...but up close, they look bigger still! If one of these flew into me while I was out flying... I'd likely pass out in horror and plummet on the spot!"

In New Leaf

When observing it in the Museum:

"The world's largest butterflies, birdwing butterflies, have wings that can measure 30 cm long. The females have longer wings than the males, while the males' wings have a deeper blue color. Though they are extremely popular with collectors, international trading is either limited or fully banned."

It can be found on it's information sign in the top-left room.

Encyclopedia Information

When the player has caught the Birdwing butterfly, they can find information about it in the bug menu. Below is the information regarding the birdwing:

Animal Forest e+

Birdwing Butterfly (Animal Crossing) Birdwing Butterfly (Animal Crossing icon) Birdwing

Wild World

Birdwing Butterfly (Wild World) Birdwing Butterfly (Wild World icon) "The largest butterflies in the world, they have been mistaken for birds and shot."
  • Size: 260 mm
  • Season: Summer
  • Time: Midday

City Folk

Birdwing Butterfly (City Folk) ''Known as the world's largest butterfly, this species boasts larger females."

Icon calendar Season: Summer
Icon clock Time: Noon
Icon butterfly Size: About 260 mm

New Leaf

HNI 0018 JPG(1)


Further Information

Birdwing Butterfly

A real life Birdwing Butterfly.

The Queen Alexandra's Birdwing (Ornithoptera alexandrae) is considered the largest butterfly in the world. It is named after Queen Alexandra who is the wife of King Edward VII from the United Kingdom. It was originally discovered by Albert Stewart Meek, who was employed by Lord Walter Rothschild (who named it) in 1907, in Papua New Guinea. It was shot down using a shotgun, but its early stages were discovered via breeding. The female birdwing has a wingspan of up to 31 cm, while the male (which appears in game) has a smaller wingspan of up to 26 cm.

It is critically endangered, but not through hunting by means of animal or man (though this does have an effect); most of the island was destroyed during a volcanic eruption, wiping out parts of the birdwing's habitat, contributing heavily to its endangerment. It flies quite high up in the rainforest, making it hard to see and catch, which is the main reason for hunters shooting them with shotguns. The birdwing in Animal Crossing also flies higher than usual butterflies, similar to the Purple Butterfly; a reference to its flying habits in the real world.

In Japan, the Birdwing is known as the Toribane-chō (鳥翅蝶 トリバネチョウ?), Toribane-ageha (鳥翅揚羽 トリバネアゲハ?), or Arekusandora Toribane-ageha (アレクサンドラトリバネアゲハ?); a shortened form of the latter is used in the Japanese games.

Species #
Animal Forest Not Present
Animal Crossing Not Present
Dōbutsu no Mori e+ Bug #05
Animal Crossing: Wild World Bug #08
Animal Crossing: City Folk Bug #09
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Bug #09

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