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All high-selling insects are in pink-topped cages.

In the Animal Crossing series, bugs, when placed in the house will be contained within cages as a piece of furniture. Similarly, fish take up the residence of fish tanks when indoors. The floor of each terrarium varies on the insect. Pondskaters and diving beetles are the only bugs which feature water in their cage.
Bug cage

In Animal Crossing


A collection of Bug Cages featuring pine cricket, firefly, red dragonfly, spider and bagworm.

In Animal Crossing, the color lid of the Bug Cage refers to its selling price. Green-tops are placed on low-selling insects such as crickets, pine crickets, snails, spiders, bagworms and pondskaters. Yellow-tops are for medium-sellers above 200 bells, such as mantis, firefly, coconut crab and bell cricket, and pink tops are reserved for the highest selling insects in the thousands up such as the jewel beetle, purple butterfly, banded dragonfly and the nocturnal stag beetles.

In the GCN versions the dynastid beetle is apparently glitched, and the glass window on the lid of the cage is missing.

In Animal Forest e+ the crab and hermit crab have rocks and sand in their cages, while the spider has a web. Cages involving objects and decorations did not come for other bugs until Wild World and City Folk.

  • Green Lid : 80-200 Bells
  • Yellow Lid: 250-799 Bells
  • Pink Lid: 800-12000 Bells

In City Folk

Tumblr mah5lh1o0S1r25ouuo1 500

Image showing unique cages of Ants and a Grasshopper in City Folk.

In this game the cricket and bell cricket take on a different cage to the other bugs. Instead of the terrariums of the others, they are featured in traditional bamboo cages which is a reference to how they are widely kept in Japan. Ants retain their unique cage.

A new color of bug cage was introduced: purple. Purple lids denote a bug that is either new to City Folk or, in the case of the bagworm and diving beetle which had been already seen in the series, were not present in the previous game Wild World.

Bugs with purple lids include the diving beetle, bagworm, violin beetle, cyclommatus, centipede, golden stagraja brooke and giant petaltail.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, bugs that were introduced in City Folk continue to have a purple lid. Bugs new to New Leaf have a blue lid. Bugs with blue lids include the giant cicada, cicada shell, rice grasshopper, stinkbug, hermit crab, tiger beetle, house centipede and wharf roach.

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