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Af+logo Dōbutsu no Mori +
FishBugsVillagersEventsFace Styles
Common Butterfly (Animal Crossing icon)
Yellow Butterfly (Animal Crossing icon)
Tiger Butterfly (Animal Crossing icon)
Purple Butterfly (Animal Crossing icon)
Brown Cicada (Animal Crossing icon)
Robust Cicada (Animal Crossing icon)
Walker Cicada (Animal Crossing icon)
Evening Cicada (Animal Crossing icon)
Common Butterfly Yellow Butterfly Tiger Butterfly Purple Butterfly Large Brown Cicada Robust Cicada Walker Cicada Evening Cicada
80 Bells 80 Bells 200 Bells 2,000 Bells 200 Bells 300 Bells 400 Bells 850 Bells
Red Dragonfly (Animal Crossing icon)
Common Dragonfly (Animal Crossing icon)
Darner Dragonfly (Animal Crossing icon)
Banded Dragonfly (Animal Crossing icon)
Cricket (Animal Crossing icon)
Grasshopper (Animal Crossing icon)
Pine Cricket (Animal Crossing icon)
Bell Cricket (Animal Crossing icon)
Red Dragonfly Common Dragonfly Darner Dragonfly Banded Dragonfly Cricket Grasshopper Pine Cricket Bell Cricket
80 Bells 130 Bells 200 Bells 4,500 Bells 130 Bells 160 Bells 100 Bells 400 Bells
Ladybug (Animal Crossing icon)
Spotted Ladybug (Animal Crossing icon)
Mantis (Animal Crossing icon)
Long Locust (Animal Crossing icon)
Migratory Locust (Animal Crossing icon)
Cockroach (Animal Crossing icon)
Bee (Animal Crossing icon)
Firefly (Animal Crossing icon)
Ladybug Spotted Ladybug Mantis Long Locust Migratory Locust Cockroach Bee Firefly
120 Bells 200 Bells 420 Bells 200 Bells 1,250 Bells 5 Bells 4,500 Bells 300 Bells
Drone Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) Longhorn Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) Jewel Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) Dynastid Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) Flat Stag Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) Saw Stag Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) Mountain Beetle (Animal Crossing icon) Giant Beetle (Animal Crossing icon)
Drone Beetle Longhorn Beetle Jewel Beetle Dynastid Beetle Flat Stag Beetle Saw Stag Beetle Mountain Stag Beetle Giant Stag Beetle
80 Bells 200 Bells 3,000 Bells 1,250 Bells 2,000 Bells 2,000 Bells 2,000 Bells 10,000 Bells

Aflogo Af+logo Animal Afe+logo Animal Crossing Wild World Logo Animal Crossing- City Folk (logo) Animal Crossing New Leaf logo
Agrias butterflyAntBagwormBanded dragonflyBeeBell cricketBirdwing butterflyBrown cicadaCentipedeCicada shellCockroachCoconut crabCommon butterflyCrabCricketCyclommatus stagDarner dragonflyDiving beetleDrone beetleDung beetleEmperor butterflyEvening cicadaFireflyFleaFlyFruit beetleGiant cicadaGiant stagGolden stagGoliath beetleGrasshopperHermit crabHorned atlasHorned dynastidHorned elephantHorned herculesHoneybeeHouse centipedeJewel beetleLadybugLantern flyLong locustLonghorn beetleMantisMigratory locustMiyama stagMole cricketMonarch butterflyMosquitoMothMountain stag beetleOak silk mothOrchid mantisPeacock butterflyPetaltail dragonflyPill bugPine cricketPondskaterPurple butterflyRainbow stagRaja Brooke butterflyRed dragonflyRice grasshopperRobust cicadaSaw stagScarab beetleScorpionSnailSpiderSpotted ladybugStag beetleStinkbugTarantulaTiger beetleTiger butterflyViolin beetleWalker cicadaWalking stickWalking leafWharf roachYellow butterfly
BugsNetTreeFlowerBug OffNatMuseum

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