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Animal Crossing- City Folk (logo) Animal Crossing: City Folk
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Name Location Sale
Time Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Common Butterfly Flying near flowers 90 4am - 7pm
Yellow Butterfly Flying near flowers 90 6am - 4pm
Tiger Butterfly Flying near flowers 160 8am - 7pm
Peacock Butterfly Flying near flowers* 220 4am - 7pm
Monarch Butterfly Flying 140 9am - 5pm
Emperor Butterfly Flying 2,500 8pm - 7am
Agrias Butterfly Flying near flowers 3,000 8am - 5pm
Raja Brooke Butterfly Flying 2,500 8am - 5pm
Birdwing Butterfly Flying 4,000 8am - 4pm
Moth Flying near lights 60 7pm - 4am
Oak Silk Moth On trees 1,200 7pm - 4am
Honeybee Flying near flowers 100 8am - 5pm
Bee In trees 2,500 All day
Long Locust On the ground 200 8am - 7pm
Migratory Locust On the ground 600 8am - 7pm
Mantis On flowers 430 8am - 5pm
Orchid Mantis On white flowers 2,400 8am - 7pm
Brown Cicada On trees 200 8am - 5pm
Robust Cicada On trees 300 8am - 5pm
Walker Cicada On trees 400 8am - 5pm
Evening Cicada On trees 550 4pm - 7pm
Lantern Fly On trees 1,800 4pm - 8am
Red Dragonfly Flying 80 8am - 7pm
Darner Dragonfly Flying 200 8am - 5pm
Banded Dragonfly Flying 4,500 8am - 5pm
Giant Petaltail Flying 8,000 5pm - 7pm
Ant On rotten food 80 All day
Pondskater River and ponds 130 8am - 7pm
Diving Beetle Rivers and ponds 800 8am - 5pm
Snail On bushes (raining) 250 All day
Cricket On the ground 160 5pm - 8am
Bell Cricket On the ground 430 5pm - 8am
Grasshopper On the ground 160 8am - 5pm
Mole Cricket Underground 280 All day
Walking Leaf On the ground 600 8am - 5pm
Walking Stick On trees 600 4am - 7pm
Bagworm In trees 300 All day
Ladybug On flowers 200 8am - 5pm
Violin Beetle Tree stumps 260 4am - 7pm
Longhorn Beetle Tree stumps 260 11pm - 7pm
Dung Beetle Snow balls 800 5pm - 8am
Firefly Flying near river 300 7pm - 4am
Fruit Beetle On trees 100 All day
Scarab Beetle On trees 6,000 11pm - 8am
Jewel Beetle On trees 2,400 8am - 5pm
Miyama Stag Beetle On trees 1,000 All day
Saw Stag Beetle On trees 2,000 All day
Giant Beetle On trees 10,000 11pm - 8am
Rainbow Stag On trees 10,000 5pm - 8am
Cyclommatus On palm trees 8,000 5pm - 8am
Golden Stag On palm trees 12,000 5pm - 8am
Dynastid Beetle On trees 1,350 7pm - 8am
Atlas Beetle On palm trees 8,000 5pm - 8am
Elephant Beetle On palm trees 8,000 5pm - 8am
Hercules Beetle On palm trees 12,000 5pm - 8am
Goliath Beetle On palm trees 6,000 5pm - 8am
Flea On villagers 70 All day
Pill Bug Under rocks 250 All day
Mosquito Flying 130 5pm - 4am
Fly Flying near trash 60 All day
Centipede Under rocks 300 4pm - 11pm
Spider In trees 300 All day
Tarantula On the ground 8,000 7pm - 4am
Scorpion On the ground 8,000 7pm - 4am
Name Location Sale
Time Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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