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Name Image Price Location Catch Rate* Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Tiger butterfly PC-BugIcon-tiger butterfly 10 Flying 24.7525%
Monarch butterfly PC-BugIcon-monarch butterfly 10 Flying 24.7525%
Emperor butterfly PC-BugIcon-emperor butterfly 3,000 Flying 0.2475%
Fruit beetle PC-BugIcon-fruit beetle 10 On trees 24.7525%
Jewel beetle PC-BugIcon-jewel beetle 2,500 On trees 0.3300%
Miyama stag PC-BugIcon-miyama stag 1,500 On trees 0.4125%
Horned dynastid PC-BugIcon-horned dynastid 100 On trees 24.7525%

*This rate applies to honey placements, individual rates of bug appearances may vary.