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This article is about the Café Set from the Animal Crossing series. For the series of the same name, see Café Series.

The café set in the Animal Crossing series consists of five different café-themed items.

In New Leaf, some of the items can be bought from Timmy and Tommy in their store. However, many can only be obtained through Brewster once the Café has been built as a Public Works Project and the player has also bought and served enough coffee and made enough perfect coffees.

Furniture Items

Wild World

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Style Size
Cash register 6,480 1,620 Tom Nook C Old School/Chic 1sq
Checkout counter 3,280 870 Tom Nook B Old School/Chic 1sq
Coffee maker 800 200 Tom Nook A Modern/Chic 1sq
Jukebox 3,200 800 Spotlight item - Old School/Chic 1sq
Siphon 1,780 445 Tom Nook A Modern/Chic 1sq

City Folk

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Style Size
Cash register Cashregistercf 6,480 1,620 Tom Nook Retro/Dignified 1sq
Checkout counter Checkoutcountercf 3,480 870 Tom Nook Retro/Dignified 1sq
Coffee maker Coffeemakercf 800 200 Tom Nook Trendy/Dignified 1sq
Jukebox Jukeboxcf 3,200 800 Spotlight item Retro/Dignified 1sq
Siphon Siphoncf 1,780 445 Tom Nook Trendy/Dignified 1sq

New Leaf


Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From HHA Theme(s) Color Style Size Info Customize
Cash Register Cash register 6,480 1,620 Nooklings - Yellow/Brown Historical 1sq Usable No
Checkout Counter Checkout counter 3,480 870 Nooklings - Brown (x2) Historical 1sq Table No
Jukebox Jukebox 3,200 800 Nookling Stores Toy shop Brown/Colorful Historical 1sq Stereo No

Unlockable through Brewster

Item Name Image Sell Price Available From HHA Theme(s) Style Size Number of correct orders Customize
Cream and Sugar Cream and sugar 250 Brewster Fairy Tale Basic 1sq 80 No
Coffee Cup Coffee cup 500 Brewster - - 1sq 64 No
Coffee grinder Coffee grinder 400 Brewster Trendy - 1sq 96 No
Coffeemaker Coffee maker 200 Brewster Trendy Basic 1sq 16 No
Espresso maker Expresso maker 175 Brewster Trendy - 1sq 32 No
Siphon Siphon 445 Brewster Trendy Historical 1sq 48 No

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