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かんゆ Kanyu
Gender Personality Species
Female Peppy Mouse
Birthday Unknown (Aries)
Initial phrase sweetie
Initial clothes Ancient Knit
Favorite song K.K. Calypso
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+
Regional names Flag of France small Sucrette
Flag of Spain Chuchi

This is about the peppy mouse villager. For the food item in GCN, CF, and NL, see Candy.

"Wow, is it my turn already? That was so quick, sweetie!"
— Candi, Animal Crossing
Candi (かんゆ, Kanyu?) is a peppy mouse villager in the Animal Crossing series. Candi's name can either be a play on the word Candy (referencing her catchphrase "sweetie"), or the nickname for Candace/Candice. So far, she has only appeared in the very early versions of the Animal Crossing games. Her Japanese name means "liver oil".



Candi is a pink mouse, similar to Carmen. The inside of her ears are light blue, and she initially wears an Ancient Knit. She has large, puffed cheeks. She also has dimples and black eyes and a pink striped tail.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.
Peppy villagers appear to be in a good mood often, and are easy to become friends with. As a peppy villager, Candi will have the tendency to over-react in conversations about trivial subjects, and will usually be over-excited to see the player or other villagers. This villager, like other peppy villagers, will rarely be discouraged from doing anything, including the usual hobbies. Peppy villagers dream of becoming famous in the future and read Ms. Nintendique, an unseen magazine read by snooty, normal, and other peppy villagers in the Animal Crossing Series. Peppy villagers will also have a very short attention span, which means they soon forget some arguments or tasks given to the player which were not completed. Candi may easily get upset in conversation when wrong things are said. She will get along well with other villagers, particularly the lazy, normal, jock, and other peppy villagers, but she may annoy and upset cranky and snooty villagers, whose personalities differ. Due to the nature of peppy villagers, she may mention how "old" or "boring" cranky villagers are compared to her opposing, upbeat personality.


Candi's house has a stereotypical "girly" theme, including four shirts, the whole Apple Set and two Gyroids, the Mini Dekkoid and the Mini Tootoid. There is a Lovely Stereo that plays K.K. Calypso.

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