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The catalog in New Leaf.

The Catalog is a feature that appears in all Animal Crossing series games. It is a feature in Tom Nook's Store that allows the player to browse all items they have bought or received as gifts. Most of these items can be purchased from the catalog, but some items, such as academy paper and work uniforms are not available.

The catalog keeps track of Furniture, Gyroids, Fossils, Clothes, Stationery, and Tools (Animal Crossing only). Exclusive items, like gifts from Tortimer, or some event items, cannot be bought, though they can be browsed. Only five items can be ordered from the catalog each day in Animal Crossing and New Leaf. In the rest of the games, the player can order up to ten orders per delivery period.

Orders come at the normal mail delivery times which are 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. In Animal Crossing, the items simply arrive the next time the character was used. Stationary that the player has not purchased, but that they have previously received in letters from other villagers, will appear in the catalog and can still be purchased.

In New Leaf, the catalog is unlocked after the player upgrades to the T&T Mart. The catalog can be found in a red machine in the corner of the shop. A new addition is the search option.


A Rainbow Feather in the catalog