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Fish of a Common (*) or Fairly Common (**) status are listed here. Also see Category:Rare Fish

Crucian Carp (City Folk) Dace (City Folk) Barbel Steed (City Folk) Carp (City Folk) Bitterling (City Folk) Pond Smelt (City Folk)
Crucian Carp Dace Barbel Steed Carp Bitterling Pond Smelt
120 Bells 200 Bells 200 Bells 300 Bells 1,300 Bells 200 Bells
Crawfish (City Folk) Frog (fish) (City Folk) Killifish (City Folk) Yellow Perch (City Folk) Bluegill (City Folk)
Crawfish Frog Killifish Yellow Perch (WW & CF) Bluegill
250 Bells 120-250 Bells 300 Bells 240 Bells 120 Bells
Black Bass (City Folk) Salmon (City Folk) Rainbow Trout (City Folk) Cherry Salmon (City Folk) Brook trout
Small Bass (GCN only) Bass Salmon Rainbow Trout Cherry Salmon Brook Trout (GCN only)
200 Bells 300 Bells 650-700 Bells 650-800 Bells 1,300 Bells 150 Bells
Catfish (City Folk) Eel (City Folk) Loach (City Folk) Sweetfish (City Folk) Horse Mackerel (City Folk) Sea Bass (City Folk)
Catfish Eel Loach Sweetfish Horse Mackerel (AFe+, WW & CF) Sea Bass
200-800 Bells 2,000 Bells 300 Bells 1,300 Bells 120-150 Bells 120-300 Bells
Red Snapper (City Folk) Jellyfish (City Folk) Dab (City Folk) Squid (City Folk) Octopus (City Folk) Zebra Turkeyfish (City Folk)
Red Snapper Jellyfish Dab (AFe+, WW & CF) Squid (AFe+, WW & CF) Octopus (AFe+, WW & CF) Zebra Turkeyfish (WW & CF)
2,000 Bells 100 Bells 200-300 Bells 400 Bells 450-500 Bells 400 Bells

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