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Fish of a Scarce (★★★★) or Rare (★★★★★) status are listed here. Also see Category:Common Fish.

Goldfish (City Folk) Popeyed Goldfish (City Folk) Guppy (City Folk) Koi (City Folk) Angelfish (City Folk) Piranha (City Folk)
Goldfish Popeyed Goldfish Guppy Koi Angelfish Piranha
1,300 Bells 1,300 Bells 1,300 Bells 2,000 Bells 3,000 Bells 2,500-6,500 Bells
Arowana (City Folk) Arapaima (City Folk) Stringfish (City Folk) Dorado (City Folk) Barred Knifejaw (City Folk) Ray
Arowana Arapaima Stringfish Dorado (WW,CF & NL only) Barred Knifejaw Ray (CF & NL only)
10,000 Bells 10,000 Bells 15,000 Bells 15,000 Bells 6,500 Bells 3,000 Bells
Tuna (City Folk) Napoleonfish (City Folk) Blue Marlin (City Folk) Hammerhead Shark (City Folk) Shark (City Folk) Coelacanth (City Folk)
Tuna (WW & CF only) Napoleonfish (CF & NL only) Blue Marlin (WW, CF & NL only) Hammerhead Shark (WW, CF & NL only) Shark (WW, CF & NL only) Coelacanth
7,000 Bells 10,000 Bells 10,000 Bells 8,000 Bells 15,000 Bells 15,000 Bells

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