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VillagerStubs are unique stubs given to villager pages. The reason a villager page is given a VillagerStub is to remind and help improve the quality of villager pages. A villager page will have a VillagerStub category for these reasons:

  • The page lacks information on:
    • Appearance
    • Personality
    • House
    • Merchandise - Where applicable.
    • Animal Crossing (film) appearance - Where applicable.
  • The page is missing information on:
    • Birthdays
    • Pic Quotes - Where applicable.
    • Initial Clothing
    • Initial Phrase(s)
  • The page lacks images for:
    • House - Not too important.
    • Userboxes - What the villager looks like.

However, not all pages are given a VillagerStub. They may also need editing at anytime when information is relevant, useful and accurate.

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