When given a fish or sea creature, Chip will give tips on how to cook it.


"With abalone, you can make sashimi, steam or sauté 'em, or anything. It's all good! Go abalone wild! Not that I mind just eating them like this! YUMMY YUM!"

Acorn Barnacle

"Acorn barnacles are really tasty if you boil them in salt water or try to season and steam them. Ooh yeah! As for me, I'll be eating them whole! That's just my way! YUM!"

Black Bass

"Well, if you're curious, black bass is really great fried, but cook it up à la meunière sometime! Tasty stuff! For me, I'll just be eating this guy as is, if you get my drift. YUM!"


"Bluegills are definitely the sort of fish you wanna deep fry. No doubt! With some warm bread on the side.. Or, you know, just slurp 'em down raw like I do. YUM!"

Blue Marlin

"Of course, blue marlin are a bit too big to grill in just one piece. Unless you're experienced like me. Well, I think I'm just gonna tuck into this guy, no preparation needed! Behold my fish-eating skill! YUM!"

Butterfly Fish

"'Now with a butterfly fish, you want to salt and then grill that guy right up. I'm not that picky, of course, so I'm just gonna scarf it raw! YUM!"


"I really can't think of anything that is better than char fried up perfectly. And the bigger the better, right? Still, eating 'em raw doesn't turn me off to them one bit! YUM!"

Cherry Salmon

"Tell you what. You can't beat a cherry salmon fried up and salted, maybe with a dinner roll on the side. Not that I mind 'em raw either. Anything goes when it comes to eating fish! YUM!"


"Now with your clams, you can stew 'em or grill 'em or steam 'em. Me, I'm a fan of a good chowder. But then again, I'm perfectly happy to swallow them whole, shell and all! I'm tough like that! YUM!"

Clown Fish

"I've heard clown fish go great grilled up with salt, but I've never had the chance to try them. Maybe I'm just too quick to just munch 'em raw! YUM!"


"Tell you what: if you boil crawfish in some salt water, you've got yourself quite a tasty meal. Me, I got no trepidations `bout eating `em raw. Well, here goes! YUM YUM!"

Crucian Carp

"Hey, you know what? Crucian carps are rather fantastic in a sweet stew. But I'm not picky. I'll just eat 'em raw if that's all there is! YUM YUM!"


"Dab are really versatile snack fish. Stewed, grilled, fried... All good! But sashimi is easily the best. Course, I'm perfectly happy to just swallow  em whole! It's my nature, you know? YUM!" 

Ear Shell

"Ear shells are real nice in a stew, saut'éed, or steamed just a wee bit with some veggies! You know me, though. I'll just go and swallow them whole! YUM!"

Football Fish

"Football fish are really great in a rich stew or just deep fried. Man, either way, they're delicious! Not that anything will keep me from just eating this guy raw! YUM!"


"I like to eat my guppies in bunches! Pop `em in 10 at a time! That's a big no go for amateurs, though.But do I look like an amateur? No, sir! Down the hatch!"

Horsehair Crab

"Hmm. Horsehair crab meat is obviously tasty, but man, those crab innards are REALLY good too! Well, anyway, I'll just swallow it all in one bite! Saves time! YUM!"

Horse Mackerel

"Horse mackerel, man, these guys are tasty with a capital MMMM. So I'm just gonna scarf this one down. Totally raw, of course! YUM!"


"As for lobsters, you can boil 'em, grill 'em, or steam 'em. It all works perfectly fine. Lobster is lobster! Course, I usually just swallow 'em whole, as you'd expect! YUM!"

Mantis Shrimp

"Mmm, mantis shrimp. I'm totally up for these guys. Deep fried or boiled, these little morsels are delicious. Of course, I'm not going to say no if they're served raw either! YUM!"

Moray Eel

"Now, for your moray eels, grilling or tempura batter work well, but for a real treat, dry `em overnight! Course, you know me! I don't have that kind of patience! YUM!"

Ocean Sunfish

"Let's see. The best way to cook an ocean sunfish is definitely tempura. Has to be! Tempura always works! Heck, swallowing this guy in a single gulp is pretty much off the table, even for me. Bummer! Well, I guess I'd better put this crafty little treat in its new home!"

Olive Flounder

"Olive Flounder --BOY are they tasty! In fact, I'm just gonna go ahead and scarf this guy down right this very second! I can hardly wait! YUM!"


"Now, for oysters, naturally you can go raw or grilled or even fried. It is ALL good, you know? Me, I'll always eat 'em whole, just like I did as a pup! YUM!"

Pale Chub

"You know, pale chubs make good tempura if you're up for it. Oooh, or you can marinate 'em! But I'm not all that fussy about fishies. I'm happy to scarf down all I can! YUM YUM!"


"Well now, with pike, frying works quite well. But you'd also do good to turn 'em into fish sticks! Right now, though, I'll just snack on this guy as is, all natural! YUM and YUM!"

Puffer Fish

"You know, puffer fish CAN be eaten, but you better know what you're doing, like me! No amateurs on this one! Luckily, I am no amateur! Time for ol' Chip to snack! YUM!"


"When you're talking rays, stewing or deep frying is OK, but sashimi is totally where it's at! Of course, I'm just eating this fishy the way nature cooked him: RAW! Nyuk nyuk nyuk! YUM!"

Red Snapper

"You know, you really cannot go wrong with red snapper. Oh, hey, try throwing them in a casserole! I mean, I'm just gonna eat this raw, but it's something to think about when you're making dinner! YUM!"

Ribbon Eel

"I hear ribbon eel makes for some really great tempura! Ever try that? I mean, I'm just gonna eat this guy as is. Patience? What's that? YUM!"


"You know, scallops make for great sashimi, or maybe tempura.. or fried or saut'éed... Tasty! I'm perfectly happy to just swallow them whole, of course! YUM!"

Sea Anemone

"So I hear sea anemone goes really great in miso soup. Ever hear this? It's got a real crisp texture! But, you know, I think I'll hold off on this guy. Dont quite have the stomach for it just yet. Well, I guess I'll put this in its new home right over here!"

Sea Bass

"I must say, when it comes down to it, sea bass are delicious, no matter how you prepare them. And hey, they're pretty good even if you don't do anything to 'em! YUM!"

Sea Cucumber

"Man, my hat goes off to whoever was the first to eat a sea cucumber! Sounds like a good idea though... Yeah, I dont think I'll be joining the sea-cuke club anytime today! Maybe not tomorrow either! Well, I guess I'll put this in its new home right over here!

Sea Horse

"Let's talk sea horses. They're... not the most attractive. Am I still gonna eat one? Of course I am! C'mon! Bottoms up!'"

Sea Slug

"From what my excellent sources tell me, you CAN eat boiled sea slugs, though some are still poisonous. Yeah, I...I don't think I'll chance it! Besides, who wants to eat a SLUG? Well, I guess I'll put this in its new home right over here!"

Sea Star

"Now sea stars--people say you shouldnt eat these guys. Not tasty, apparently! Quite a harsh critique! Yeah, I think I'll listen to common opinion just this once. I'm not quite crazy enough to eat a sea star! 'Well, I guess I'll put this in its new home right over here!"


"You wanna know something cool? Seaweed is getting eaten all over the globe these days! Of course, I'm always snacking on it since it's just so chock full of tasty minerals! YUM!'"

Snow Crab

"Snow crabs! They're great whether boiled, grilled or steamed. But I'm just gonna go ahead and swallow them whole!" YUM!"


"A great thing to try with squid is drying it overnight. Delicious, even with all those tentacles and suckers! Not that I have the patience to wait that long, of course. I'm getting the urge to snack! YUM!"


"Surgeonfish right? It's got a real distinct stench to it, all stinky and so on. Assaults the nostrils! I-I mean.. I'm still gonna eat it. Of course I am! YUM!"

Sweet Shrimp

"Sweet shrimp make great sashimi, but try 'em deep fried as soon as you get the chance! Me? I'm just gonna gulp 'em down as they are now! YUM!"


"Tadpoles are something my mom used to make for us as a snack for watching home movies.They;re not bad! Sort of like a kinda beaver-only popcorn! Nyuk nyuk! ... Anyway, bottoms up!"

Yellow Perch

"There's only one thing that beats fried yellow perch--fried yellow perch with pickles! But you know, raw is good too. I'm not picky! YUM!"

Zebra Turkeyfish

"If you want a treat, deep fry a zebra turkeyfish! You never tried that? Frying works great for most fish!  As for this guy, well, eating it raw doesnt bother me one bit! YUM!"