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ビフテキ Bifuteki
Gender Personality Species
Male Cranky Bull
Birthday Unknown (Unknown)
Initial phrase jerky
Initial clothes 4-Ball Shirt
Favorite song K.K. Blues
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+

"I've gotta do my laundry, but look at this weather... "
— Chuck, Animal Crossing
Chuck (ビフテキ, Bifuteki?) is a cranky bull villager in the Animal Crossing series. Being a bull, Chuck's name probably comes from the cut of meat "ground chuck". His phrase relates to beef jerky, a type of food made from cows. It may also relate to the fact that cranky villagers can act like jerks. His Japanese name, Bifuteki, means "beefsteak," in Wasei-Eigo (Words borrowed from English that are used in Japanese). He only appears in the older games of the series.


Chuck is a medium brown bull with dark brown-red hair, semi circled diagonal eyes which give off the impression he is angry, large nostrils, and yellow horns with orange stripes and hooves. He has a skinny tail with a tuft of fur at the end of it. He also has light pink in his ears. His initial clothing he wears is the No. 4 shirt.


Below is a brief description of the cranky personality. For more information, click here.
Cranky villagers will usually appear in a grouchy or agitated mood, and are more difficult to befriend than other villager types. When talking to the player, cranky villagers tend to become angry if the player disagrees with them or refuses to do a favor. Like all cranky villagers, Chuck will be invested in his hobby and will often challenge the player to various competitions. He will easily get along with jock, snooty and other cranky villagers, and occasionally lazy and normal villagers as well. However, he will find it hard to socialize with peppy villagers, as they will seem overstimulated or immature. Chuck will also enjoy spreading rumors of other villagers.


Chuck has the complete series of green furniture, including the wall from the set and green rug. He has K.K. Blues playing on a turntable-style stereo.




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