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ビネガー Vinegar
"Don't judge a rabbit by its ears."
Gender Personality Species
Male Lazy Rabbit
Birthday December 3rd (Sagittarius)
Initial phrase hopalong
Initial clothes Dark Polka Tee
Home request A pro-Nintendo game shop.
Favorite song K.K. Western
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, HHD
Regional names Flag of Italy small Claude

"By the way, where was your house at, again? It's amazing how little I remember, hopalong."
— Claude, Animal Crossing
Claude (ビネガー, Vinegar?) is a lazy rabbit villager from the Animal Crossing series. His initial phrase, "hopalong," relates to the nature of rabbits to hop. He only appeared in the early games of the series, but he returned in Happy Home Designer as DLC and has store items with designs of Nintendo consoles as his furniture theme.



Claude is a brown rabbit with lazy eyes and a unibrow. His inner ears are light blue. His initial clothing is the dark polka shirt, a dark brown shirt (which matches his fur) with colorful polka dots.


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

Claude is a lazy villager. He has a laid back lifestyle, and will often talk about food. He is very friendly towards the player and will not get on with snooty or cranky villagers.


Claude has a camping style room with a Desert Carpet, Lunar Horizon wallpaper, a bonfire, cooler, sleeping bag, and a red boom box that plays K.K. Western or K.K. Lullaby. There are two Gyroids, the Tall Poltergoid and the Tall Rustoid. In Animal Forest and Animal Forest +, Claude's house is Asian-styled, with two plants which are from the Bonsai Set, four Yaoki Figures, two shirts, a Frog Statue, one Tall Dingloid, and a Turntable that plays K.K. Folk or K.K. Lullaby.


Claude's house in Animal Forest and Animal Forest +.

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