Dandelion Puff
Dandelion Puffs2
Type Weed
Spawns randomly
Rarity Common
Appearances Wild World,
City Folk,
New Leaf
Regional names Unknown

The Dandelion Puff is the secondary form of the dandelion, (yellow) a type of weed. Dandelions become dandelion puffs (white) after a few days. Similarly to the clover, it does not affect the town's environment or affect the town rating.


Dandelion puffs, unlike most flowers which are worn, and unlike its primary form as a dandelion which can be worn or displayed as furniture, can be held as a tool in City Folk and New Leaf, or displayed as furniture in a house. Upon pressing "A" the player will blow the seeds (termed achenes) which will fly away. In the direction the player blows the puff, in a few days there will be dandelions in that general area. In New Leaf, the player can blow at the 3DS and their character will blow the seeds of the dandelion puff.

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