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The Day and Night Cycle is a feature in the Animal Crossing series that tells time during each day, just like in the real world. The time is based off the internal system clock.

Sunrise and Sunset

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A player sitting on the bench during the sunset.

In Animal Crossing the sun rises between 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM and sets between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM, the sun is down all day during the Winter Solstice and up all day during the Summer Solstice. It's hard to tell because the sun in the game cannot be viewed due to a slight limitation of the camera. Even if the camera is forcefully changed using hacks or other external tools, the sun may still remain hidden since its celestial body may not be programmed in to the game.

Moonrise and Moonset

Winter Solstice

During the Winter Solstice in New Leaf, the sun does not rise.

In Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, the moon can be seen in the game every day, unless the sky has a dense cloud cover, there's a new moon, or during the summer solstice. The moon can only be seen in Animal Crossing during a certain event.

The moon rises in Animal Crossing at about 3:15 PM and sets at about 7:45 AM, however, it is only visible in certain versions of the game. In City Folk, the moon becomes visible at about 3:45 PM and goes off the screen at 7:15 AM. In New leaf, the moon appears at about 7:10 PM using 3-D, 7:15 PM with either mode and goes off screen at about 4:45 AM (mode regardless) and 4:50 AM using 3-D mode.

During the evening, the moon is at a straight angle until past midnight, when the moon gradually tilts. It is highly noticeable at 3:00 AM during a Quarter Moon.