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Designs are patterns that can be used for numerous purposes. Each design may be bought for 350 Bells at the tailor in both Wild World and City Folk. Many people use designs for clothing, umbrellas, hats, carpeting, and wallpaper, although in Wild World and City Folk, you can drop designs on the ground. This will prevent weeds from sprouting in the area where the pattern is dropped. If you have the ability to design and sequence the patterns properly, you can even make roads, sidewalks, plazas, etc. (see Town Design Themes below for more details). You can also display them in your house as a masterpiece painting or use it as wallpaper and flooring. The designers can also wear their designs as hats, clothing, and umbrellas. In Animal Crossing for GameCube, the Player could put a design on their front door; as of now, it is the only game in the series to let you do so. You can display any of your designs in Able Sisters, and villagers in the player's town might end up wearing them. If someone over Wi-Fi visits your town, they may also obtain any of the designs displayed in the shop.

Town Design Themes

It is possible for the player to create a town theme using designs that are placed on the ground. There are numerous themes the player can choose from depending on the designs they created and how they sequenced them. What the person wants the town to look like includes themes such as urban (roads and sidewalks), water world (ocean and beaches), royal (gold and stone), and many more.

Pro Designs

Starting with Animal Crossing: City Folk, the player can create pro designs. This means that there can be different designs on the left sleeve, right sleeve, front, and back of a shirt. However, the player has to talk to Mabel and pay 350 Bells (500 Bells in Animal Crossing: New Leaf) to create a pro design, whereas the player can create a normal design anywhere. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf you can make long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless dresses and shirts. You can also make hats.

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