Don resetti

Don talking to a player in Animal Crossing: City Folk

This page has all the dialogues for Don Resetti in all of his appearances.

Animal Crossing Dialogue

(Don Resetti enters as the player leaves their home, popping out of the ground.)

Don Resetti:

Hey, you...! WAAAHHH!

What... What's the deal with that thunder?! That really startled me bad! Seriously!

Oh, umm, anyway, I oughta say it's nice to meet you! I'm Resetti's older brother. My name's Don.

Yeah, my brother Sonny can be a real headcase. Thanks for puttin' up with his, uh...quirks. Yeah, quirks.

So, Sonny had an urgent errand that he just couldn't pull himself away from. The guy's like a mole dynamo.

So I came in his place. Thanks for openin' up time in your busy schedule to have a little talk with me.

So anyway, if I might begin at the beginnin'...

It seems that our Sonny's been goin' off the deep end once again. He's been poppin' up all over the place.

You know, yellin' at people, gettin' right in their faces, and causin' havoc. On behalf of the family, I apologize.

I know I'm his brother, but I'm sincere when I say that despite his uh...outbursts... he's, uh...he's a good kid.

He's a bit enthusiastic, and, uh...kinda overbearin'. You could even say he's pig-headed. Mole-headed?

Either way, his social skills are real, real unpolished, and his choice of language is, shall we say, questionable.

But...don't forget his heart! It's in the right place! Trust me, there ain't an evil bone in his body!

So, uh, just let him have his little say, and shrug it off. Don't hold it against him. He don't get out much.

Oh, yeah. Right. Business. I guess I gotta take care of a little business, right? I don't wanna get yelled at...

OK, here goes nothin'. Do re mi... Ahem...

Ummm... Resettin' is no good! Don't do it, [name]!

The Resettis suggest givin' up your resettin' ways... For health reasons. Got it?

...Hmmm...guess that should cover it. About time for me to make tunnels. See ya around. And good luck. Now...


(Don Resetti burrows back into the ground.)

City Folk Dialogue

(When the player resets or loses power the fifth time, Don Resetti pops out of the ground.)

Don Resetti:



Whoa, what's the deal with all that noise?! I mean, come ON! It's unsettlin'!

OK, right, anyway, nice to meetcha and all that jazz. I'm Resetti's big brother. The name's Don.

Listen, straight off, I know my little brother can be a real pain. Thanks for puttin' up with him.

Today, Sonny, he's at home takin' it easy. Kid's got high blood pressure. Musta worked himself up good...

So yeah, I'm uh, fillin' in for him. For clearin' out a little time to chat with me, you got my thanks.

So yeah, lemme start from the top. I hear our Sonny has been poppin' up all over the place an' yellin'.

Yeah, generally givin' good people the business, am I right? For this, the Resetti family is full of regret.

I know I'm his brother and all, but trust me when I tell ya, Sonny's a good egg. Despite his, uh, behavior.

The guy's passionate about what he does, ya know? All his yappin' is his way of showin' tough love...

I mean, hey, if he was just lookin' to make nice, he could turn a blind eye when people screw up, right?

But then nobody learns nothin'...

Let's move on. What I'm tryin' to make clear here is, Sonny? He does all that yellin' 'cause he cares.

The guy... He just ain't one to mince words, you know? An uncompromisin' sort of mole, yeah.

And he ain't no kind of smooth talker, neither, so he can SOUND mean even though he really ain't.

My point bein' this: the guy might seem nasty, but he's a good mole at heart. So cut him some slack, yeah?

Aw, what's wrong with me? I almost forgot. It'll be my moleskin if I don't take care of business...

All right, here goes nothin'. Ahem. AHEM. Me-ma-mole.

Uh... Resettin' ain't good. So, don't do it, [name]!

There. Hope ya learned a lesson. I'd advise followin' this advice, kid...for your own good, ya know?

...OK, we're good here. That should do it. Now if ya don't mind, I should be gettin' back. Be good.

See ya!

(Don Resetti burrows back into the ground.)