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Downloadable content (better known as DLC) are items that are distributed by Nintendo or that are received during special events. New Leaf takes advantage of distributed items that can be downloaded to the Nintendo 3DS using SpotPass, which downloads content to the console when the game is switched on or left in stand-by mode.

To get the DLC in the game, the player must go to the Post Office, speak to either Pelly or Phyllis, and choose"Ask about a present." Either one of the clerks will connect the game to the internet to check for available content. The item is not forced upon the player from Pete or other characters, as was in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Since the European release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 14th June 2013, several downloadable or distributed items were available for players in Europe. A few of these items were eventually released in North America, but many remain Europe only or already existing items. They were available either by a monthly download at the post office, or by distribution via Pete from Nintendo. 

For a list of American Content, click here.

For a list of Japanese Content, click here.

Below is a list of items released so far.

Slushie Machine

Image   Name   Date   Buy Price   Sell Price  
Slushie Machine Catalog Slushie Machine July 15th - July 22nd 2013 2,400 Bells 600 Bells
Details Letter

The Slushie Machine was released in European countries in July, to celebrate the sudden warm weather and the start of the Summer in the region. It is the first downloadable item in an English speaking country which is obtained by a letter from Pete, rather than by talking to Pelly or Phyllis.

The accompanying letter from Nintendo contains an error, where the signature at the bottom cuts out the final 'f' on staff.

Dear <Player>,

Beat the heat with this awesome slushie machine! Enjoy the summer sun, but be careful not to drink too much, or you'll get brainfreeze!
From the summer-loving staff

Rolling Suitcase

Image Name Date Buy Price Sell Price
Rolling Suitcase Catalog Rolling Suitcase August 8th, 2013 - August 2013 1,000 Bells 250 Bells
Details Letter
The Rolling Suitcase is themed around the release of Animal Crossing Plaza for the Wii U. The player will receive a letter from Pete when they start the game, with the suitcase attached. Dear <Player>,

I got some rolling suitcases to help me commute to the new Animal Crossing Plaza that's opened on the Wii U. Here's one I had left over. Hope you'll come visit me!
From Isabelle

Aurora Screen

Image Name Date Buy Price Sell Price
Aurora Screen Catalog Aurora Screen February 1st - February 28th, 2015 4,080 Bells 1,020 Bells

Zodiac Series

The schedule for the distribution of this set is thus:

Image Name Date Buy Price Sell Price
Sagittarius-arrow Sagittarius' Arrow December 1st - December 21st XXX Bells XXX Bells
Capricorn Ornament Capricorn's Ornament December 22nd - January 19th XXX Bells XXX Bells
150px Aquarius Urn January 20th - February 18th XXX Bells XXX Bells
Pisces Lamp Pisces Lamp February 19th - March 20th XXX Bells XXX Bells
Aries Rocking Chair Aries Rocking Chair March 21st - April 19th XXX Bells XXX Bells
20140429 HNI 0092 Taurus Bathtub April 20th - May 20th XXX Bells XXX Bells
Gemini Closet Gemini Closet May 21st - June 21st XXX Bells XXX Bells
250px Cancer Table June 22nd - July 22nd XXX Bells XXX Bells
B983cd1fe72f63fc58bb04bf4df8607d Leo Sculpture July 23rd - August 22nd XXX Bells XXX Bells
Virgo harp Virgo Harp August 23rd - September 22nd XXX Bells XXX Bells
Libra Scale Catalog Libra Scale September 23rd - October 23rd XXX Bells XXX Bells
Scorpio-lamp Scorpio Lamp October 24th - November 22nd XXX Bells XXX Bells

Europe - The Cloud Content

Dedicated animalcrossing

Promotional image used for Games Mania

Below is a list of items that can be downloaded from the Post Office when connected to a BSkyB "_The Cloud" Nintendo Zone in Europe.
Image Name Date Buy Price Sell Price HHA Theme
Raccoon Wall-Clock Raccoon Wall Clock 14th June - 30th June 2013 1,600 400 Toy Shop
Shaved-ice Lamp Shaved-Ice Lamp 1st July - 14th July 2013 Not for Sale 600 Fairy Tale
WhitePoliceCap White Police Cap

15th July - 31st July 2013

480 120 Sporty
FestivalLantern Festival Lantern 1st August - 14th August 2013 900 225 Harmonious
Red-TeamCap Red-Team Cap 15th August - 31st August 2013 360 90 Sporty
AfternoonTeaSet Afternoon Tea Set

1st September - 14th September 2013

Flag of the United Kingdom 15th August - 31st August 2014

Not for Sale 420 Fairy Tale
DoubleNeckGuitar Double Neck Guitar 15th September - 30th September 2013 2,800 700 None

Note: It is also possible to obtain these items by changing the router SSID to "_The Cloud". The 3DS will automatically connect to the access point if unlocked and will indicate that it's connected to a Nintendo Zone (otherwise, the user can just connect normally and request DLC from the Post Office). The Cloud hotspots may be found in locations such as McDonalds or Game Mania.

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