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タツオ Tatsuo
"There's no room for two dragons in one pond."
Gender Male
Personality Lazy
Species Alligator
Birthday February 12th
Star sign Aquarius
Initial phrase burrrn
Initial clothes Dragon Suit
Coffee Kilimanjaro, a little bit of milk, 1 spoonful of sugar.
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of Spain Dragonio
Flag of France small Drago
Flag of Germany small Frederik
Flag of Italy small Dragonio
"This might sound kind of weird, but I really love the smell of dirt, burrrn."
— Drago, Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Drago (タツオ Tatsuo?) is a lazy alligator villager that first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. His name may come from the word "dragon" as Drago resembles a dragon, though he is actually an alligator. This comes from his dragon-like appearance, his clothing featuring a dragon silhouette, his catchphrase "burrrn" (referencing the fire dragons are said to produce from their mouths) and his quote, "There's no room for two dragons in one pond.


Drago has several dragon-like characteristics, but he shares a base shape with the Alligator villagers. He is green, with a white underside, hands, and feet. He has fuchsia lips and scale marks all over his body. He possesses frilled flaps on either side of his face, as well as two large horns on his head. 


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

As a lazy villager, Drago will be easy to get along with due to his laid-back lifestyle. Like all lazy villagers, he shares an interest in food and relaxing. He will enjoy partaking fishing and bug catching, and will get along well with other villager types such as the normal and peppy villagers. He may offend or confuse jock villagers, who have a conflicting lifestyle of exercise and fitness, who do not understand the reason behind the lazy lifestyle choice.


Drago's house has many objects from the Exotic Series, such as the bed, closet, end table, lamp, screen, and table. He has a goldfish, quince bonsai, lady palm, and a lazy-susan table. He has the imperial wall and floor, along with a turntable playing Imperial K.K.


  • Drago may be inspired by Asian dragons; coincidentally, his home's interior uses a lot of items from the exotic series.



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