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e-Reader cards (or e-Cards) were sets of collectible cards that were sold alongside Animal Forest +, Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, compatible with the e-Reader accessory for the Game Boy Advance. They provided players an opportunity to obtain specific items, including some that were not available any other way.

In recent years, amiibo integration in games such as Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival has largely superseded any features that e-Cards provided in the older games.

Types of card

There were several kind of e-Cards, each with a different function.

Character cards

Each character card featured a particular villager or special character. One side of the card featured a large picture of the character, along with their name and species, with an "SP" sign if the card was for a special character.

On the other side, biographical information about the character was shown, including name, gender, species, astrological sign, and if applicable, their default clothing and catchphrase (referred to as "pet phrase" on the cards), along with a short profile. A password was also provided with each character card. If the card was scanned into the e-Reader on its own, a letter from the pictured character was displayed on the GBA screen; the card could also be scanned at the ETM to obtain an item (a different one from the one obtained through the printed password). Character cards could also be used in certain Game Card minigames.

Classic game cards

These cards depicted NES Games, and allowed the player to obtain the pictured game. When scanned on their own, these cards displayed a message from Tom Nook, similar to those from character cards. Two rarer cards in this category contain Ice Climbers and Mario Bros., two of the "Forbidden Four" NES games.

Design cards

These cards could be scanned at the Able Sisters to obtain a new design. One side of these cards showed examples of the design being used on clothes or an umbrella, while the other showed the design being presented by Mabel and Sable. When scanned on their own, these cards would display a picture of the design and a comment on it from Sable.

Game cards

These cards depicted designs of the player, and allowed the player to play a minigame through the use of scanning character cards.

Sibling cards

These cards were essentially two character cards in one, featuring a pair of linked characters such as Mabel and Sable. Rather than the biographical information of Character Cards, a short dialogue between the pictured characters was shown. These cards had two dot codes and two passwords, meaning that they could provide four items total. Scanning functions were the same as those of character cards.

Town tune cards

These cards could be scanned at the Town Hall to change the town tune, usually to a K.K. Slider song. One side of the cards depicted the song's album cover (these images would eventually be used in New Leaf), while the other showed K.K. and the notes to the town tune, so the player could input the tune themselves if they lacked a working e-Reader. When scanned on their own, these cards would first play the town tune itself, followed by a longer version of the song, similar to what is played on the radio.

Card Packs

Animal Crossing

Doubutsu No Mori +

Doubutsu No Mori e+

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