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The eReader is an accessory for the Game Boy Advance and was first released in Japan in December 2001, with a North American release following in September 2002. It was never released in Europe.

Ereader logo

The eReader logo.

The eReader scans eCards, which have dot codes that grant items such as minigames, items, etc. There are eCards for some GameCube games, such as Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing eCards

Many types of eCards are available for Animal Crossing. They can be accessed via the eReader machine in the Post Office.

There are:
Ereaderunit 091702 1

Swiping an eReader card.

Villager cards

These show villagers, information about them and a Dot Code. Scanning them will grant a letter from the villager containing an item.

Sibling cards

These are the same as character cards, except they contain codes on both sides. They are called sibling cards because the characters on the cards are related, such as Timmy and Tommy Nook, Pelly and Phyllis, and Officers Copper and Booker.

Design cards

These contain designs that the player can wear as shirts or umbrellas, hang as flags, or spread on the floor or wall in the player's house.

Town tunes

These show pictures of K.K. Slider and grant special town tunes, as the name implies.

Minigame cards

When swiped across the eReader, they allow minigames such as jump roping.

NES Game Cards

These cards allow NES games to be played, many of them available on Animal Crossing.

These NES games were available on eReader:

Forbidden Four

Four NES games were not available in the original Animal Crossing. Two of them had eCards that were not available in Japan.

The two with eReader support are:

  • Mario Bros. (Arcade Classics)
  • Ice Climber

The other forbidden two are:

  • Legend of Zelda
  • Super Mario Bros.


Warning: Theory starts here.

Some people say that they were meant to be released by a universal code, or Nintendo wanted to release eCards but didn't because people lost interest in the system.

Theory ends here.
Animalcrossing 081602 ereader1 inline

A player using the eReader machine.