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King Tut Wig

A player tripping in the King Tut Mask

The Egyptian Look, also known as the Egyptian Appearance, is the name given to the complete appearance resembling that of a Pharoah. The look includes:

  • King Tut Mask - 12,000 Bells
  • Egyptian Outfit - 640 Bells

The King Tut Mask will decrease the luck, and will cause the player to trip over their own feet. This will mean any floating items like a balloon will float away once the player has fallen over, or the likelihood of being caught when being chased by a scorpion or tarantula is increased. This item uncommonly appears at the Able Sisters store.

King Tut Mask

King Tut Mask As it appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In Wild World, when the King Tut Wig is put on, the normal sound of putting on an outfit is changed followed by the sound used for the "depression" emotion. In City Folk, villagers looking for a certain type of look will mention different colors or genres associated with different items of clothing. The Egyptian Look is considered fresh and strange. For colors, they are considered white, yellow and blue.

In Wild World, if insurance from Lyle was brought, when the player falls, a note from Lyle comes the next day, saying

"Hey, wait, you, {Player Name}. Fell down? Tough break. Here. Have some money. It's a benefit. From the policy. Yours. Take it. BANG! -Lyle"

With this letter comes a present containing 100 Bells. It is insurance money from Lyle and the insurance company.

In New Leaf, when the mask it put on, the normal sound that plays when putting on an item of clothing is played at a lower, more depressed pitch. It is immediately followed by the sound from the "depressed" emotion.