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Empty Lamp
Ghosty Lamp

Type Item
Durability Unknown
Stackable Unknown
Availability Randomly appears on weekdays
Appearances Animal Crossing: City Folk
Regional names Unknown

The Empty Lamp is an item that randomly appear in the player's town in Animal Crossing: City Folk. On a weekday at about 9:00 P.M, on the southern part of the player's town, a spirit named Wisp will appear and say something like "come closer please". If the player finds the lamp somewhere in their town, he will tell the player to go to their attic, as he is uncomfortable in open places. When the player goes to their attic, the lamp will be renamed "magic lamp" in the player's inventory.

Using the lamp

Once the player is in their attic, there will be the option to rub the lamp. Wisp will appear, and will grant the player a wish out of three possible options. The player can ask Wisp to rid all the weeds from their town, which you will see the result of within the next few days; squash cockroaches that could appear in the player's bedroom (which appear if you have not played for at least a week or so); or ask Wisp for an item, such as furniture, clothes, etc. The item Wisp gives is often very common and can be purchased from the catalog, so it is better to choose one of the other options.


  • Wisp is one of the only spirits that shows up in the game, along with the fountain spirit when you throw an axe into the fountain you gain when donating a certain sum of money into the Town Fund.
  • Once you help Wisp the first time, he can appear again in search of his lamp. When you see him a second time and every time after that, he will be even more embarrassed than he is the first time, saying that he knows it is ridiculous for him to repeatedly lose his lamp.


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