Famicom Disk System
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The Famicom, also known as the Family Computer, is Japan's version of the NES, which lasted from 1983-2003; making it Nintendo's longest-running console. There are a number of differences.

Differences between NES and the Famicom

The NES's colors are mainly gray and white, while the Famicom's is white and red. It also uses thinner and usually yellow cartridges. It has two controllers that cannot be removed, while the NES's controllers can be taken out. There are also two slots on the left and right side of the Famicom System that the controllers can be placed in, but the NES does not have the slots. Also, the Famicom is smaller and shaped differently than the NES.

Also, unlike the NES, the Famicom had an add-on known as the Famicom Disk System, which relied on floppy disks for gameplay instead of game cartridges. The FDS was best known for its startup jingle, which appears on the Gamecube's menu theme, only slowed down multiple times to the point on non-recognition.

In Animal Crossing

In all the Animal Crossing series games that have NES systems in the U.S., the Japanese versions have Famicoms. They also had some games that weren't in the English versions. One example is the game Mahjong.