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Type Item
Durability Unknown
Stackable no
Availability Festivale (NL)
Given when donating to town hall (CF) (WW)
Appearances WW, CF, NL
Regional names Flag of France small plume
Flag of Germany small feder
Flag of Spain pluma
Flag of Italy small piuma

Feathers A feather refers to one of eight items that is obtained when donating to Boondox in the civic center in Wild World and City Folk or with the net during Festivale in New Leaf.

Feathers can be worn as accessories and also placed indoors.

Donation Amounts in WW and CF

  • To obtain the Green Feather, donate 10,000 bells.
  • To obtain the Blue Feather, donate 200,000 bells.
  • To obtain the Yellow Feather, donate 500,000 bells.
  • To obtain the Red Feather, donate 800,000 bells.
  • To obtain the Purple Feather, donate 1,100,000 bells.
  • To obtain the White Feather, donate 1,400,000 bells.
  • To obtain the Rainbow Feather, donate 6,400,000 bells.

Feathers in New Leaf

Feathers are now obtained during Festivale in New Leaf. There are now 8 different colors with the addition of a new feather, pink.

At Re-Tail, the feathers are worth varying amounts: the player will receive 110 bells for each rainbow feather, 100 for white, 90 for purple, 70 for yellow, 60 for blue, and 50 for green.

New Leaf Feathers

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