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アイル ー Airuu
"Calmly gathering. Ah, the life of a hunter"
Gender Personality Species
Male Lazy Cat
Birthday January 6th (Capricorn)
Initial phrase nya
Initial clothes Felyne's Suit
Favorite song K.K. March
HHD furniture Item box, Hunter's hive, Hunter's cart, Hunter, Felyne's clothes, Barbecue spit, Red wing, Felyne Guardian, K.K. March, Ghost Umbrella, Wyvern eggs, Palico board, Poogie, Felyne's pic
Appearances HHD
Regional names Flag of South Korea 아이루
Flag of Italy small Felyne

Felyne[1] (アイルー, Airuu) is a cat villager that first appeared in Happy Home Designer.[2] Not much is known about this villager, other than it is part of a special Monster Hunter collaboration.[2]


Felyne is a white and brown cat who is based off the Felynes, supporting characters in the Monster Hunter series.


Felyne has various pieces of the Monster Hunter collaboration series within his house.[2] Almost all of the pieces can be found in Monster Hunter, the Item Box is found at the beginning of quests, the cart is used if a hunter faints in Monster Hunter, and the Felynes will take him/her away. The Barbecue spit is an item used in Monster Hunter to cook raw meat, the Wyvern Eggs can be found in certain quests in Monster Hunter, where the hunter must take eggs back to the base-camp. The Palico boards can be found in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, in the player's home. They would use the board to "deploy" Palicos. Finally, Poogie can also be found in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the player's home. In HHD you may choose the furniture in his home. He is only seen in HHD so there is no house already designed for Felyne.




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